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Reincarnation: BB

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Making the Bayou Bloody 25 Points

Beat the game.

Author Comments

Join everyone's favorite demon on yet another mission to find and kill a Reincarny deep in the swamps.

Everyone, feel free to help fund/spread the word on my kickstarter.com campaign: http://www.kickstarter.co m/projects/1878730846/rei ncarnation-the-root-of-al l-evil

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Great game, though it was a bit tricky

I really like the reincarnation series but I have to ask what the heck the opossum was for and the lantern? Why can I pick them up if I don't use them for anything else?

This villain is good as dead.

Like all Reincarnation games (including non -minis) this is a little too short and solutions are not always logical. I am sad author dropped the more fun Groswold the Goblin series for Reincarnation.

Reincarnation series is like fast food for adventure games - easy for author to produce in large quantities and we players will eat it despite it not giving a satisfaction a proper adventure game gives.

As the Reincarnation series goes on the reason why sould get sent to hell get more and more insignificant. In the beginning it was something seriousl ike murder, but now - hitting a wife? There was nothing much indicating it was even a repeating occurance except sterotypes of hillbilly behavior. I think it is pretty misandric to send a guy to hell for once hitting his wife who makes him foo she knows he hates. If it were a reaccrung event then maybe but i think purgatory would be more like it. I cannot give goot rating for this man hating submission.

Boy howdy, I sure do like having to pixel hunt for background elements, randomly combine items to figure out whatever inane combination the creator was thinking, all for the reward of having the reason the sinner must be punished handed to me whilst having no fucking clue as to how booze+flies=man eaten by alligator.