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Reach a portal by using no upgrades, only your skills


its a decent game, just not for me

The flaw with this game is that you have no way to know how many levels there are, or for that matter how far you are in it. So your just raping your keyboard hoping to get through these hard levels. The fourth(as far as i've gotten) is just absurdly difficult. Once your there, you'll understand why.

Had some interesting aspects to it. Kills some time but pretty short. If you have a good memory this game isn't really too hard and if you have really good reflexes, game is also easy. One thing that could make it harder is to make it where you can't hold a key for too long, ie down, you could hold indefinitely or space at parts where you need to space 3 times, you could just hold it.

My biggest problem with this game is I slowly started to realize that this is pretty much a ddr game remade to look like a sidescroller. Although it's not based around the music and based around environment, you use the up down space keys at the right time and you even get perfect or wonderful if your close on edges. You don't control forward movement, only when you jump, duck or use space.

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i have TERRIBLE memory. how can you make a game that stresses pattern memorization. do you know how many disadvantaged youths there are? do you? some can't even count to 8 let alone play a game like this. don't do this in the future. please don't for my sake.

finnaly won this game huh.... its 5 am

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2.31 / 5.00

May 13, 2012
9:34 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other