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No-Brainer 4: Chubbies

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Author Comments

It has finally come. No-Brainer, after a year since the last episode, has come back to newgrounds! In this episode, No-brainer and Todd start to realize that there is a new chain of restaurants opening up called "Chubbies." Bad things ensue. No-Brainer and Todd must defend their home.

This took about 4 months to make, and could have really been done in 2 if I wasn't so lazy all the time. Projects in the future will be worked on more frequently, sorry guys -_-

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I hope you enjoy, this one was kind of a doozy to make.

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lol i liekd teh part when bill was tied up and the other guy got hti by the bull

Everything's really really good in my opinion. But the dialogue could Def McGeff use some improvement. Anyblaze, I overall approve and hope you come up with more creative and humorous dialogue in the future, so I shall also become a fan. Keep it up!

I agree with the person below me. The animation and drawing has improved a lot but I still don't really like the voice acting, I find it too quiet

Good animation, but the voice acting is to be desired ;D

TheWitchBoi responds:

I think the voice-acting is to be ashamed of! :( Glad you liked it though!

Lol, Todds a badass.