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Dark Knight Rises Plot

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Here's a worst case sinerio of The plot to The Dark Knight Rises. 4th addition to the Plot Predictions. If you have a suggestion, feel free to let me know. It can be an upcoming game or movie.


that was awsome

Johnny Depp as the riddler? That sounds cool. But, yeah, the best case scenario for Dark Knight Rises has to have the Riddler. He is really the only interesting villain left. Cat woman, supposedly sexy. I've never found cat woman sexy. She is a psycho slut basically. aka every woman more or less. I think that's why so many women identify with her. Ever owned a female cat? They go into heat and never shut up. The male cat has a barbed johnson and they still want it. It's like a stupid woman who gets beat by her boyfriend but stays around for the sex. Go role model. Bane... Boring.. Big strong guy on "steroids" .. Mr. Freeze.. boohoo my wife is dying and i'm cold.. Penguin... ... ... nuff said.. Ivy, well.. that could be interesting.. after seeing The Ruins, plants freak me out.. that and combined with Jumanji, you can tell that a city swallowed by man eating live trap plants is a scary place.. so mild potential there.. Robin .. boohoo my parents are dead and i'm a circus freak.. no thanks.. bat woman.. GIRL POWER... might as well have power puff girls in the middle of the show.. it's just not batman material .. The two face was good.. it's a shame that didn't get to play out further.. Everyone else is done. I'd like to see a joker return, but can't beat Heath Ledger's performance, and his agent says he's not available. (too soon?)

That's pretty much the best guess to the movie I've seen so far... what happened to Johnny Depp being the Riddler and why is Selina being chosen by Anne Hathaway? At least Bruce being in a wheelchair because of Bane is accurate (very funny) :P

funny but the thought of such a horrible plot makes me shutter

LOL XD silly

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