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Here's a worst case sinerio of The plot to The Dark Knight Rises. 4th addition to the Plot Predictions. If you have a suggestion, feel free to let me know. It can be an upcoming game or movie.



okay. i think you guys are being harsh because Dark Knight Rises is a good movie. I think this video is good. The animation is okay and the author is trying to convey something he sees as ridiculous.
I think he did a very good job and it was kinda funny.

The animation was okay. The voices were "eh."

My biggest complaints are in regards to the meat of the content. Aside from non-astounding visuals/audio, the writing itself wasn't very inspired. The jokes have all been done by a dozen other people a dozen other times and many of them in a dozen other better ways.

Re-using the same jokes is actually what irks me the most about this. If anything, the biggest opportunity for creating a joke right now is "Miranda Tate" and "John Blake." Why does Nolan hae to keep the truth of these characters a secret? Yet neihter were in this movie. Instead it was the obvious jokes -- Bane being dumb (even though he's not), the "LOL YOU ARE KEEPING ME ALIVE" (even though Bane is working for the League of Shadows/Assassins, which explains why he is keeping Bruce alive...), etc.

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Honestly I didn't think the movie was too bad. Background could have been a lot better, and some part of the humor needed some more work but I enjoyed it and found good part of the jokes funny(cause I for one, don't mind obvious jokes as long as it's funny). However, despite the fact I enjoyed the movie, I did not believe it was really front page material. Maybe that's why this movie is getting so much flak. But then again, the front page hasn't really been what it used to be.

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Yeah, I can pretty much see that being the entire movie. You'd think they'd figure out Superman's identity first with all his disguise being is him putting on glasses.

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