Adventures of ambulance

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A pregnant woman will give birth soon. Help the ambulance quickly drive to the hospital.

WASD or UpDownLeftRight,
A+S, D+S or Down+Left, Down+Right (if car not drive)


It's okay, I feel like my grandma could play this game though. The end was friggin stupid.. I hated that the most about the game.

I think there should be more powerups, and the ability to get more than just one upgrade if you have the cash in the shop. Maybe nitrous, faster speed. Also, I think the other cars speed should vary. They're too easy to dodge. If there must be a bomber, make it a plane that actually carries bombs. And make it able to swerve too, like chase you. I think the one line of road gets really boring really fast. there should be some turns, maybe lightning that you have to avoid, or downed power lines or trees in the road, causing a traffic backup. Maybe add pedestrians.

This is a good start to a great game, therefore I give it 2 stars.

I have 3 reasons why I rated this game 2 stars
1.why would anyone throw bombs at an ambulance that is so stupid
2.theres no end levels only one level? pathetic!
3.unlimited health!that is also very stupid i mean really?!

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Great music. It feels like a sunday drive from hell, Interesting. Concept makes very little sense which is ok... I guess. Upgrades take a little too long to get, and the trip itself ingame in incredibly long. Not bad though. I also like the graphics!

alrighty. four things.
1. Based on the story given, it makes NO SENSE to have helicopters and airplanes perform bombing runs on an ambulance. NONE AT ALL
2. Takes far too long to get to the end
3. Letting it take us into negative $ is beyond stupid
4. Glitches: unlimited health, dodging bombs somehow gives you max reputation

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Takes too long time to the end !!!

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2.67 / 5.00

May 12, 2012
6:37 AM EDT
Simulation - Other