Dungeon Mysteries

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Find all the secret behind the mystery dungeon, collect items, unlock safe, solve mystical puzzles and more.

WARNING: this game is extremely hard, require your super detective IQ to solve the puzzle :)

Some helpful tips:

The colors from the business cards is to get [two] digits of left [side] and [right] side

The shapes represent numbers, handkerchief is the clue of front digit.

The last clue is the numbers from the last page of the book. Follow by the [XY] except the red number.

Good luck and have fun :)



Ended up having to use walkthrough at the equation part, I am pretty good at math actually, but those kind of puzzles, where there are so many possibilities of guesses (4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 256), it just becomes annoying having to calculate each. Some of the puzzles were just illogical too, I saved the coin thinking it was supposed to be used as a screwdriver, but when I used it for the brick slot, it didn't really dawn on me to click the shield again, after I already had clicked it about 20 times.
There were also a weird bug with the butthopping stupid computer booting puzzle, (seriously why did I even attempt cutting over the cables to the one object that can appearetly save me, it is not like that would destroy it or anything), the bug is that after cutting the cords I clicked on the cable with the tape trying to repair it when a microchip thing I hadn't even picked up magicly appeared and attached itself, I hadn't even done the skull cork thing yet and I still had the other one.

And then came the most insane part, the dot puzzle. I was unable to see how the dish water thing helped, so I checked the walkthrough, only to have the most complicated mess of a puzzle and explanition I have ever seen, it is at this point I shut down the walkthrough and quit, it just ain't worth it.

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why is it so complicated
i mean its ok but most people ain't going to get it

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i think i know how to solve it i mean there are a lot of clues scattered but....nah its too boring make it more interesting i don't want to solve it using math
P.S. in the math physics book click and drag the bottom right corner and when you get to the last page try to solve the treasure chest box math signs(-+*/) by matching some of the signs as i pertains to the math equation

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good music . but i dont know what those things are doing in a place like that ..
these morons cant solve it .. it has clues: the wallet , the dollar etc.
good idea though.

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May 12, 2012
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