Skitzo the Bear-RUN!

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Wow it's been a while since I've done a new animation! But I had a little break this week and what better way to use that time then to procrastinate on my major cartoons and do something completely not what I should have been working on heh. Anyways enjoy!

Music credits: "Stress" By Justice

Btw this cartoon has 4 endings depending on your interactions(neutral, good, bad, evil) they are hidden except "neutral "which is just what happens if you watch it without doing anything, but yeah the others require some exploring/clicking...see if you can find them all.


Can someone tell me how to get all the endings,PLEASE! This game movie is so hard! Thats why I LOVE IT!

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Comick responds:

Its a secret! :] But heres a clue you need to click something with your mouse at just the right time it appears

I wish there were more hints given as to how to find the other endings, I'm seriously at a loss here.
Great flash otherwise.

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Comick responds:

Heres a clue: you click something on the screen fast :)

Love it and Skitzo and all your work in general Crystal. Also if any of you guys love Skitzo as much as i do there are plushes of him they are so huggable and fuzzy. ^3^ also don't leave his eyes on at night...just a warning ^^. Also Keep up the good work. One last thing i saw the trailer for In the Dark. I know i'm being a lil rude but i'm curious when that will out :3 I read the comics i loved them.

Ps. Bear trap is hard as hell to click on WHY >X<

Comick responds:

HAha thanks for the shout out on the plush toys! Yeah I'm always happy to hear how many people love his evil squishyness and glowing eyes giving nightmares at night >:]
Thanks again for the kind words!! and yeah heh the ending with the dog surviving is always the hardest one to get!

Wow. What can I say? Your movie has come out so brilliant and original, it makes me speechless beyond words. You're pretty good at hiding the endings since I only got two, which were the easiest obviously, LOL.
The music just makes my blood boil, because it goes so well with some crazy serial killer maniac behind you, swinging around a bloody saw.
The animation itself is very smooth and well drawn (Like always, considering from you.)
I like how you made this so you have different endings, it obviously makes you want to play it more than once! Wish me luck on finding the other endings, I won't stop playing until I do, or maybe I will still play it afterwards. Lol.
Please continue your amazing work,
Love your Stalker.

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Way to send a chill down my spine. The music and the creepy expression Skitzo gives just adds to the horror factor. I love this series and your work.

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Comick responds:

Ah thanks a ton!! Glad you liked it haha :)

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May 12, 2012
12:39 AM EDT