Skitzo the Bear-RUN!

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Wow it's been a while since I've done a new animation! But I had a little break this week and what better way to use that time then to procrastinate on my major cartoons and do something completely not what I should have been working on heh. Anyways enjoy!

Music credits: "Stress" By Justice

Btw this cartoon has 4 endings depending on your interactions(neutral, good, bad, evil) they are hidden except "neutral "which is just what happens if you watch it without doing anything, but yeah the others require some exploring/clicking...see if you can find them all.


first I'm like wtf... then scary as shit... I thought this a movie until space at the end

Comick responds:

yeah its a cartoon but with a few interactive parts...not enough to be a "game" but just enough to have a few other endings :) Thanks for watching!

OKAY I AM TICKED OFF, I have died countless times, the first time I didn't know I had to hit space, the second time the whole time i'm waiting for it to come, while spamming the shit out of space, nothing happens, so a few tries later, i escape skitzo, and I get rewarded by.... an even worst fate, and then I notice there are 4 endings, FUCKING 4!? I MEAN I LOVE THE SERIES AND WHAT NOT BUT COME ON, I'M NOT GONNA FUKIN STAY HERE ALL NIGHT LONG WAITING UNTILL I SOMEHOW, SOME CHANCE HAPPEN TO ESCAPE SKITZO AGAIN, AND TRY AND SEE IF I CAN DO ANYTHING, EVEN THO I PROBALLY CAN'T, I READ THE REVIEWS, THEY SAID SOMETHING ABOUT A HOTDOG, WHAT HOTDOG!? I DON'T SEE NU HOTDOG!!! WTH, I AM SO CONFUSED, AND SO ANGRY, THERE ARE CLEARLY A PROBLEM WITH YOUR GAME AS THE ONLY TIME I WAS ABLE TO ESCAPE SKITZO WAS 100% LUCK THAT SPACEBAR ACTUALLY WORKED FOR ONCE, PLZ FIX DIS... other than that it's pretty good.

Comick responds:

Lmao, I bet you're clicking outside the cartoon after you press play, then the space key doesn't register because you clicked out the cartoon. Also, the hot dog and the bear trap have to be clicked with a mouse for the ending to happen, they only show up on screen for a fraction of a sec...and the hot dog is the easy one! The bear trap is much much harder to get because its the only good ending where the dog gets away. :)

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4.28 / 5.00

May 12, 2012
12:39 AM EDT