true frozen bubble

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A little change to frozen bubble game.when shooting bubble touch different color bubble,it is to be frozen.How to judge to lose is different also.Only frozen bubbles touch the shooter,game is lose.Mouse to aim and shoot.

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I really liked this! I don't get why it got such a bad rating.
Everything seems to work fine, even the character at the bottom moves a bit!
Good job!

This really isnt that bad. Just a mediocore bubble shooter, like the music is okay, the gameplay is okay, and the graphics are okay and I had only one bug and that's where the bubbles change color even though it's not supposed to. The thing where i'm really confused is that this is in the movie portal.

This actually wasn't too bad. Just a generic little bubble shooter. The collision isn't the greatest, and the gameplay is a little slow, but it's by no means bad. I'm also a little impressed that this game actually has level design instead of just randomly colored sheets of bubbles, which in many ways puts it above a lot of games of this type.

The graphics really aren't bad in my opinion. Not very colorful, but the bubbles themselves look... Different. I like the style, it's unique. The music is rather dull and would probably kill you if you listened to it for too long.

The only huge bug I noticed was that if you shoot horizontally your ball will go back and forth (almost) indefinitely, creeping forward at the slowest goddamned pace ever. You could have made the minimum angle a little higher.

Ok, I played this and, I really don't get why this is so low?
It's a decent game, it works, there doesn't seem to be anything bad about it, perhaps the colors are not so bright but that's about it really.
This is one of those games to mess about on or take time out of work to play on during a break.

very very generic game

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1.17 / 5.00

May 12, 2012
12:28 AM EDT