The Chronicles of F-kun

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Story of the life and death of Faggot-kun, aka CoolDrMoney



...Wasn't this exact short pretty much in the second Brawl Taunts Dick Joke collab?

not bad

What the fuck did I just watch?

And you, sir, are an asshole. >.>

Hulaloo has an amazing talent and a toilet for humor. Too bad they go together like peas and carrots around Newgrounds (anywhere else it's like nuts and gum). Anyway, "The Chronicles of F-kun" (Faggot-kun, to be precise) is a melodramatic suicide sequence where a poor soul gives into his depression over... wait, what's this thing about again?

Okay, so we have a guy staring into a computer screen and looking around, seeing pictures and parents and posters and filaments of his life around the place, but nothing seems to add up to his climactic end. Then we're treated with (SPOILER WARNING) a flashing, screaming message saying "You are Faggot-kun!" (SEIZURE WARNING).

Yeah, okay. This isn't quite what I expect out of the typical Newgrounds animator. Yet, Hulaloo is far from typical and he's known for this stuff. But there are days when his brand of trolling can grate on the nerves rather than make one laugh. This is one of those moments. Figure he'd get over this stuff, but there are twelve year old kids to insult and everyday values to derail.

In short, I didn't find this particularly amusing or funny, not just because it's a standard troll with standard troll techniques and tactics, but that it fails to elucidate why we must call F-kun "Faggot-kun", to whoever doesn't care enough to know who F-kun is or why he is somehow relevant. Is this a flame on every twelve year-old, or just a haphazard in-joke from which only insiders could get a kick out of?

The irony makes this worse: the artwork is up to par with Hulaloo, and he has evolved over years to get proportion and detail in balance with animating. This is one of those moments. There isn't a great deal of animation, but the artwork is sound and the soundtrack fits the melodramatic tone. In other words, it's as well-done as possible, and below 2MB, almost unheard of in this day and age.

Long story short, if someone fails to get the joke, then this is just another project where half a language gets wasted trying to insult somebody who we don't even know or care about. The underpinnings are even worse: if someone has the time to orchestrate a decent-produced animation orchestrated specifically to insult one person, then really, it's just a ridiculous waste of everybody's time, time better spent on something far more productive. "The Chronicles of F-kun" demonstrate the kind of juvenile excess that goes with realizing your personal greatness and then producing material that will amuse yourself well before it is ever able to amuse anybody else. That sort of self-indulgence is the classic mistake of the rank amateur, and it implies that we have to go to the forums or Google the term "faggot-kun" and search around for fifteen minutes when we have better things to do. To be quite honest, I figured Hulaloo was above this sort of mawkish hackwork by now.

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3.74 / 5.00

May 11, 2012
11:20 PM EDT