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Eulogy For 'Red Cup Heist'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

05-11-12 – 05-12-12

Author Comments

This is one of the few animations that I have done, no harsh comments please, I'm only practising.



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Hi! Welcome to Newgrounds.

Now, before you get too involved with it, there's something you should know.

Please don't submit your 'practices.' Please don't submit tests or incomplete items. Newgrounds is for finished items that are ready to show, not for parts or bits.

Please enjoy Newgrounds. Please hang out a bit to familiarize yourself with this place and see how this runs (or, is suppose to run, anyway).

Have fun. :)


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Not too bad for the first time, but try to make longer than just 6-7 scenes looped over and over. Also if quality is low try to compensate it for something else like humor... a simple "MINE" or "Yoink" would have made it better, Keep practicing and don't lose heart.


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advice for next time, Draw the girls face, then save it. That way, you can take that same face image and draw slightly different hair in each frame to show movement. Looks like you hand drew each frame, really bad for the cup, solid objects should not change shape mid animation. How many different frames of hand are there getting the cup? I understand it was meant to be fast, but two is not enough, maybe five, three solid and two blurred motion line arms would have worked better.

All in all, I would say nice try, your art isn't too bad, you should keep working at it. Still, next time, wait to make an addition to the site till your ready to write yourself a script.


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