Oh, My Candy!

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This little hamster loves candies. You should push them through different puzzles to feed this candy-lover.

Move mouse over the "paw" in the beginning of each level. Push candies with the "paw". Feed the hamster.
Press "R" to restart level.


-1 for making the "more games" button appear after every level
-1 for making the "more games" button bigger than the continue button
-1 getting stuck everywhere with the mouse just feels annoying instead of motivating me to do it better

in graphics I personally would prefer just simple shaps with colors, I don't like this "everything needs to look cute".

level 8! hard but awesome

i have seen many games like this, yes its good for a young audience but it could do with a hard mode for an older audience, good desing though :)

Nice game. Very simple, I'm guessing this is aimed at a younger market. Cute character design, I particularly liked the splash screen when the game loaded up.

The only similarities I can see between this and Cut the Rope (I'm only mentioning this because several others state this game is basically the same) is the fact that it's a creature eating candy. So not original in that respect, but hardly a knock off in terms of styles of game play. There's another game on NG at the moment that has a bandaged up fantasy looking character which definitely has identical game play mechanics, except it involves a key.

REALLY nice artwork and animations, nice and polished in that respect. Good work! I'd throw in more stars, but subjectively for me, the game is too simple and I couldn't bring myself to play more than a half dozen levels.

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I disagree with evilluigi, this game isn't the same game as cut the rope it IS however the same genre a great game in my opinion

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3.63 / 5.00

May 11, 2012
12:49 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling