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Billy the Pilot

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Meet Billy, he has big fantasies and a dream to become an astronaut. One night he heard a story about evil werewolves so he decides to do something about it, fly out of earth and destroy the moon to stop these monsters!


Great game, good music, only 2 minor problems.

1. How did all the other kids find out about your plan and are trying to stop you?

2. After you destroy everything in space and have enough upgrades you almost go into space involuntarily where is there is nothing to do. It's true that at this point you've pretty much beaten the game though.

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Warning! Don't try this at home!
And guns are not for kids!

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And his dad didn't know he flew over the world?! XD

It's very simple but so entertaining so I really enjoy this game . They should add metals to the game but I still like it.

I find it appalling when you reach space, and realize that time stands still. The music conveys a remarkable feeling, as if you've finally seen it all (when you're in space that is). Great game! Kept me going for 30 minutes straight!

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4.02 / 5.00

May 11, 2012
7:19 AM EDT
Skill - Toss