Billy the Pilot

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Meet Billy, he has big fantasies and a dream to become an astronaut. One night he heard a story about evil werewolves so he decides to do something about it, fly out of earth and destroy the moon to stop these monsters!


Architects way of Solving a problem?(You can't fix it? Blow it up!!)

Really nice and addictive game! loves the way its made... I've seen many like this, you just make something fly around and gain money to buy upgrades etc... But I still can't help to love this one. Since Bison's Revenge, this is the most creative one of this genre lets call it " Throw and Grow" (you know, because you launch something and then start upgrading to go higher/faster/further/etc...)

Loves the little background music, not annoying at all which is surprising. The graphics could be better, But I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and call it your own style .

The only problem I could have with this game is how short it is... You see I finished it in less than an hour, and then you could say there's something like a "keep playing freely", but its annoying you go to fast or bounce with something and you end up in space, where there's nothing fun to do besides shooting asteroids, and if you are inside the atmosphere, you'll get shot down in less than a minute!

Other than that it is pretty addictive you get in the game play. It's not pretty. The most original thing I found was the Dragon, it as pretty awesome. It was a shame it dies so quickly and that you can't personally upgrade the dragon like the ship (like upgrading its HP, or better wings, a cannon or stuff...) Still awesome!

Like I said I liked it but it's definitively not the most original thing I've seen in week or so... SO try in getting better .

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i love it,infact,i love any upgrade game but this is so far the best :)

thanks, that was fun!

amazing game

Awesome. The gameplay is very great and it's so addicting. Love the storyline and the concept too.
Beat the game, with all upgrades and medals, and it's worth it.

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4.02 / 5.00

May 11, 2012
7:19 AM EDT
Skill - Toss