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EDIT: Cool! Thanks you guys for the Daily First, Weekly First and Front Page! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you "Timeless", the first flash animation that took me only one week to create. This was for the NATA 2012 opening round theme, Discovering Time Travel!
Animation Program- Adobe Flash CS4
12 FPS (That's why it's a little slow)
I suppose your wondering what the kcuf is going on in this cartoon. The basic synopsis is a scientist wants to find a cure for his wife, finds a time machine and travels to the future. He soon discovers that he can't cheat his way by skipping ahead of time. This time void thingie he's in is a blank field where the laws of physics and time don't apply. This scientist now has to wait for the present to catch up with him. Sort of like writing a book, you can't go far ahead or you'll end up with blank pages. Finally, he goes crazy in a matter of days and starts drawing everywhere.
The main focus is the story, not the animation quality. I'd prefer to see what you guys interpret in terms of a story(I haven't spoiled much of the details) because I've left openings for your own conclusions.
Well that's enough talk from me! Don't forget to rate 5!
-Mike Southmoor


WOW!! I was stunned for seconds on what to comment on this masterpiece!! that is so touching, and I'm a sucker for deeper meaning on movies! thank you for this animation and I will gladly watch it whenever I come back to this site! WONDERFUL!! I fully appreciate it and five stars is not even enough to praise its wondrous spell!! great job!!

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This is my first critique, so here goes lol. I normally watch videos without reading commentary on purpose. Same goes for this video, as i watched it, it conveyed a great sense of confusion as it came to the time void. As this time void comes to an end, all the details from the beginning make sense. I believe this was a great video with great detail and story telling. I easily understood the story after only watching it the first time and without reading the commentary. i think it's nicely done, the animation was smooth and the colors were brilliant. Fantastic job my friend. I'm looking forward to more from you.

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Man that was beutiful. You had a great veiw of theoretical physics, and a great storytelling ability, thank you for making this.

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Well I think the story is that he took a shit load of shrooms before going to see his wife.

Very beautiful, and very stylistic. It quite a few watch throughs to find where the mechanics and time savers start to show through. It was a very unique concept, time being like a story book, written a page a day, unable to "skip ahead". However, I don't think that same idea, which you had written about in the author comments, was conveyed clearly to the audience. Most people understood that he tried to travel in time to help his spouse, but weren't really sure whether he traveled forward or backward until the end (or at least, that's how I thought the first time I saw the video). And I wouldn't have caught the idea of Time being like a book in progress, unless I had read all the way through your commentary.
All that said, don't think that I think you did a bad job. It was a wonderful story, and very touching, something I'd really like to see more of on newgrounds.

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May 11, 2012
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