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Bill Cosby's Lost Pet

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Bill Cosby finds his lost rhino

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This game is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. From the very beginning I am met with the immense desperation and grieving of loss from Bill. I can't help but find myself lost in his eyes and every fiber in my being screams at me to help this poor man.
As I begin this journey I can feel my mind clouded in doubt.
'Can I really help find this Rhino?'
'What will I tell Bill when I can't find his dearest pal?'
'How will Bill deal with the news?'
I can feel my heart jumping in my chest as I try to decide where to look first. My fingers tremble... until I look in the right corner and meet eyes with Bill. His wonderful smile shows how much trust he put in me and I can feel my confidence rise. Let's do this.
Going through the first 2 locations I am met with nothing. No rhino. I was beginning to lose hope until I visited the last location and there he was! Bill will be pleased.
Seeing the two reconnected at last filled my heart to the brim. Nothing will ever give me as much joy as seeing Bill's luscious half naked body riding the strong body of his rhino pal.
The only reason I am not giving a full 5 stars is because I know that my life has reached it's all time high playing this game. I have peaked and everything in my life after this will never be as fulfilling. I have no reason to live after playing this. Goodbye.

Holy shit. HOLY. SHIT. I've been waiting for this since i learned how to internet. I'M IN LOVE.


I don't know how to begin to express my feelings for this game. It can be described as riveting, emotional and groundbreaking in the art of flash animation. I can hear the more popular flash artists such as egoraptor and spazkid trembling in their very soul. The artistic direction has impacted me in various places, such as my heart, and colon.

I fall to my knees before this work of ART.

Well, I can either take this game seriously like the minority or as a joke like the majority.... I'll do both

Serious: Yeah, the graphics could have SOME improvement, and some backgrounds for the menus would be nice. Also, I feel it lack a bit of content.

Joke: This game, although "lacking" is just too damn funny to me. I don't know why, but I feel it was made more for a joke, and therefore I score it higher towards what I felt it was meant for.