Alien Thief

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Alien Thief
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Author Comments

You've just invaded earth, and now it's your job to bring back some souvenirs! Fly your space ship through 20 levels, grabbing critters, stealing stars, and avoiding obstacles, like spikes, mines, and electric fields, to get your booty to the transport area.

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Good game, just its hard to take the trash and blow it on the mines.graphics are awesome.Music is nice. Anyway why dossent work unlock all levels??? You did good work. Your not lazy like some creators.You maked a great game.This is reaaaaally a chalange.And after all it should be. Great work :D

hahahaha justo one thing to say Excelent!

I thought this was a pretty cool game. The notion of aliens stealing cattle has been done before, but I think this was kind of different for the genre. Again, at least I managed to get at least one medal, for the first level obviously. I think the graphics are pretty nicely done. It can get a bit frustrating when you have to drag those cows over such a long area. It is something you get used to after awhile.

Everything is presented in a pretty nice colorful manner. It's kind of a cutesy game I can see younger people liking. It's a good game, it just doesn't have anything that noteworthy. I appreciate all the little things going on, like the keys to get rid of the laser part. It's a pleasant game to play.

tinime responds:

Thanks for your comments. It's very helpful for us to improve the game .

Thank you please mane the second alian theif

tinime responds:

Thanks . I will think of Alien Thief 2

That's a nice simple puzzle game, graphics are great. The music seems fine enough. You could improve if you have powerups for the UFO such as Invincibility, limitless lift power, etc..

But sadly, I can't continue further, for some reason, or was it just me & my throttled or slowed down connection speed is causing Level 13 unable to be played once I finished 12.

Anyway, good job!

tinime responds:

it's a bug I've just fixed . Update with new build. Thanks for that.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

May 9, 2012
10:58 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle