Tomb Travel

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Made for NATA open round.

A tomb raider from Ancient Egypt wants to get away a rich man, but will he be able to avoid his guarding alien overlords? Find out in this first instalment of an obligatory 24-part series!

Special thanks to TharosTheDragon, Gamers-Gear, MadMath, the Art Forum, my mom, your mom, the entire population of the Philippines, Beethoven and Mr Myagi.


very nice, loved it, brilliant!

Now that explains it!... great animation with an interesting story

test-object responds:

History Channel told me, therefore, ancient aliens.

Great story, really enjoyed it. NIce animation and sound pulled it all togther.

haha, I love ancient alien theories, and also your animation. Really nice one you got here.

good. I like it. very limited on art tho.. like mine.. lol stupid deadlines lol btw do you use mouse or template and if so? what kind? I go my "genius" out of the bozes tonight and theres definitly an art quality increase but, since it doesn't have a screen and isn't super accurate I still wanna pull my hair out. then, final question.. how to you make lines like super straigh and clean.. my would want to like "bloch" when trying to draw a straight line so, do you like use pencil tool or something? or, this there like a "key" smoothness/setting on brush tool?

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test-object responds:

I use a Wacom Intuos 4 to draw everything. To smoothen lins, you draw something with the brush, select the lines and look at below the colours in the toolbar, there are "smooth" and "straighten" commands.

This'll help you.

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May 9, 2012
4:44 PM EDT