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Yes, the piranha is back with a bigger appetite. This action trilogy offers new challenging objectives, with several new obstacles. You now have to watch out for sea monsters, the great white shark and electrifying jelly fish! As an achievement you can also collect treasur chests, that will give extra time to attain your objectives. Plunge into this funny and addicting game and enjoy the bloody action.

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- Thanks NG for the Front Page.
- Thx people for the good comments and controls will be fixed soon.


Alright, time for some pros and cons.

+ With full upgrades, what you have is a chainsaw summoned from the depths of the Mariana Trench. Anybody who gets this reference gets a cookie.
+ A great deal of challenge.
+ Suspenseful music will remind some people of either Piranha or Jaws.
+ Good graphics
+ Good controls

- Humans and fish disappear into the landmasses after they've either been hit by your piranha(s), knocked out of their boats or swim off, making them unreachable.
- Cheap deaths can lead to frustration.
- Laggy.
-Time limit's too short.

Overall: Considering the fact that your main objective is to kill, eat and survive for as long as you can, it's always a joy to rip people apart - or if you're lucky, a shark or two - and cause absolute mayhem.

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Great game except when human disapear through land. It get so annoying

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that thing is a rampaging little devil

a MAN's killing machine eh!! I like it!!

Very nice game. Suggestion though: fix the movement of humans, if they hit land let them walk on it and if they are underwater don't let them pass through land, it's really disappointing when you're trying to kill them then they suddenly disappear through land. Can you please fix that? Thanks!

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3.82 / 5.00

May 9, 2012
3:26 PM EDT
Action - Other