Dino Yacht Club: The Game

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Command a clandestine force of fighter pilot Dinosaurs against the massive armies of the vile Piggy Von Hogerton in an action packed shooter extravaganza!

3 Massive Levels!
4 Epic Boss Battles!

Arrows/WASD - Move
Space - Fire


As a game, I feel that its pretty good, as far as mechanics go. It could've gone the extra mile with power-ups and things along those lines, but as it is now, its a good basic game. As was mentioned in previous reviews, the sound its a bit... bad. The explosions are way too loud compared to music, and the music does get repetative. It is good music, just, looping forever.

The real highlight for this game though, is the humor. You always seemed to put in a good chuckle when the gameplay itself was starting to get dull. This made the game a lot more interesting because there was a conversation was so humorous that I didn't feel the dull gameplay as much.

TL;DR-As a game, mediocre,
As a humorous piece-pretty good.
Suggestions-On your next game, try for the same level of humor and comedy if not more, but since you seem to have that done pretty well, work more on beefing up gameplay with more diverse elements and more engaging gameplay mechanics.

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World record :D This game is really good, straightforward gameplay, intresting bosses and spiffing dialouge. Great game, great series, loved it.

gameplay is good, but the dialog... is AMAZING! "remember, never drink and drive.... UNLESS YOU'RE A DINOSAUR!!"

This was actually more entertaining then I thought it would be. The sound was probably the worst of it, but the humor was quite good, quite good indeed.

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Couple of points to make:
1.) Was you full of Marijuana when you came up this idea.
2.) Who doesn't like dinosaurs and/or war.
3.) The game reminded me of the early 90s arcade games back in the day. (Jet fighter etc)
4.) Who's your Dealer -_-

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3.40 / 5.00

May 9, 2012
1:10 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight