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Taco-Man Safety Tips

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Taco-Man gives advice to children.


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That kid would've deserved it more if he was white.
Don't anyone get butthurt by this, I'm Native American.
You obviously wouldn't understand what my people suffer.
So everyone needs to just calm their tits and warrior up already.

Hmmm going with the Indiana Jones approach huh?

Hahaha nice. I kinda like Tacoman doing more then just playing video games stuff like this suits him and I hope he can go back to his classic routes

haha that is an amazing place to hide ive been in a refrigerator for 11 weeks now :)

Taco-Mans Safety Tips are not very useful, at all.

Too short

Now dont get me wrong this was pretty funny but could use more funnier, but it was just too short, shorter then expected, so you can fix this easy with adding this among other short flashes in one flash submission, that way you can give the audiance more of a fun experience and enjoyble flash entry from you, allthough it was already pretty good, it could use more humor maybe more jokes and longer scenes and so on, just some more stuff going on, as for the rest like graphics and detail it was pretty good, kind of reminded me of some old spongebob toons, But anyways it was a fine flash toon i did get some humor from it.

The onlything i could see here would be to make it longer, amybe throw in some other shorts so that there is more too it then a few seconds.