Nuclear Outrun

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Physics-based race between Trucks and a Nuclear Missile! Blast away obstacles and zombies in your way as you race for the exit. Points collected will let you level up to unlock new abilities and increasingly bizarre weapons!
Your total score from a 20 Truck Run can be exported and shared with friends. Replay the game to beat your high score, or grind onwards to unlock all the weapons. Or both!


fun, saved 7. boomerang, spinning blade, and shark all win. bomber blimp goes backwards??????
the further you travel, the longer it takes the nuke to land.

Nice time waster, laughed my ass off at the remote control :'D

It's hard to do distance games that don't just feel the same as all the others. This was different enough to stand out, and it looks great too.

Only felt like I was getting the hang of different wheel sizes, weapons, and which upgrades to go for when I was down to my last few trucks - only managed to save 4 trucks in the end. Now I know what I'm doing I might play it again... so it's a distance game I want to play more than once?! That's unheard of! Well done.

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I am a certified, 100% Nerdook fanboy now. You make AMAZING games, good sir.

With this and 'Kill the Heroes' you proved that you understand what TRUE flash gaming is all about!

Your games are addictive, fun, rewarding, and challenging without being frustrating, repetitive, cumbersome, full of yourself, or just plane boring. Most flash games fall flat to at least ONE of those pitfalls, but you, good sir... you... are the breath of fresh air the internet has needed for quite some time.

So I'm certain, by now, you're asking yourself 'then why did I only get 4.5 stars?' Well that's simple, and might not even be your fault, entirely.

Your sound work is a bit bland now and again. You need to team up with one of these indie sound gods for your bg tracks and sound effects.

The real pet peeve, however, is the single pitfall you DID succumb to: site elitism. Why punish gamers from newgrounds for not playing on Kongregate? I hate this practice, and find it foolish and selfish on the sites behalf. Incentives like free costumes, skins, or extra music and maybe even bigger screen size options, stuff like that, sure.

But I simply can't give a perfect score to any game which holds out on the players in any mechanical way (guns, levels, power-ups, etc.) just because they don't have accounts on every game site on the net.

That being said, I still love YOU and love your GAMES you are officially my FAVORITE game artist. Keep them coming, I beg of you!

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nerdook responds:

But all guns, levels and powerups have been unlocked on newgrounds! D: anyway, thanks for the nice review, i really appreciate it!

Tons of fun... Shark wep was my fav. Finished my first game with 8 trucks completed... best score after that was 3.5 million. Upgrade truck options first, general weps second... and you're good to go. Boomerang was the best weapon for most of the game... so it seemed to me anyway. Wish there was more to do... but yeah... had "tons of fun".

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3.93 / 5.00

May 9, 2012
8:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun