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Eulogy For 'Nissan Racing Challenge'

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05-09-12 – 08-09-12

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Race with all the famous Nissan cars on 12 different tracks. Choose one of the 6 Nissan cars and upgrade them with the money you win with the race. Complete the 6 laps as quickly as you can to win.

Drive with the arrow keys or WASD keys. Press the space to brake and drift.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Gorgeous idea for a game. Maybe it was a bit hard-handling but it gets addictive if you keep going. Good work!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like these games as much as anyone else. But this game is flawed, really. Obviously the AI is one problem. There on a rail system(which blows, as racing isn't fun like that), and if you hit them they barely move. I mean really? And why would have the walls instantly stop you at any speed? That's a huge mess up there.

Maybe it's me, but I noticed you get more money for the worst spot you place. Like I got $100 for first place on race 1, but got $150 for third place on race 1. And no matter which top three spots you place, it always tells you that you won the race. Just what dafuq is that about? And seriously, does the game need to be that far zoomed in? It's just retarded to think people need to be that close to the car. Yeah, big f'n deal you got good graphics. Who cares about that? The point of a racing game is to see the track up ahead, it's hard as hell to race without seeing the track. (the map doesn't help. because you smack a wall in the brief time it takes to look at it.)

Hell, just zoom the game out and I'll deal with the rest of the other stuff(that I mentioned earlier) in this game. Savvy?


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3.17 / 5.00