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Quantum Freezer Theory

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Wowee zowee! Front paged! Thanks Tom!

Created in about 25 days for the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation, open round (Oh boy, I really hope i make it to Round 2!).

I got a jumpstart planning out this flash under the title "Time Prank." Originally in the video, Connor(Schafdawg) suggested we go back in time and prank one of our past selves. Though, unfortunately and a little ironically, time began to run a little short for the plot we had in mind. We had to drastically change('dumb down' probably being more accurate) the story in order to shave the film down to a manageable duration for someone like me(i.e. a noob) to animate.

I really hope you all like it, and i'm always glad to hear constructive criticism from the users on Newgrounds. That said, I really hope there isn't too much worthless hurtful criticism I have to sift through. I HAVE FEELINGS TOO, YOU KNOW. *sniffling

let's see, what else... hmm... OH! credit goes to Linde from 8bitpeoples.com for the opening song. it's all royalty free, copyright free, legally obtained, etc, so no worries there. And double credit to the contributors of the Audio Portal. :)

P.S. I LIKE MONKEYS OKAY? THERE I SAID IT (I'm really hyper right now).


me gusto !

That was really impressive, dude! I liked your animation/script, and the voices were pretty good too.

Awesome animation. The idea, plot and hillarious gestures/drawing style flow together naturally and leave me wanting more. I am a sad panda now instead, and am actually writing this as my suicide note.

Excuse me while I proceed to listen to Rebecca Black for 30 consecutive hours.


JerrodStorm responds:


I promise. :)

I met this guy at my school. congrats on making the front page again and keep up the good work

JerrodStorm responds:

Haha, I remember you! How are you doing?

Lol the monkey was autotuned, good work.

JerrodStorm responds:

Yeah, there's a bit of a story behind it...

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4.09 / 5.00

May 8, 2012
5:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original