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Chili Chomping Contest

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Canned 25 Points

Finish the contest with Canned Soup.

Crouton 25 Points

Finish the contest with Crouton Soup.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This was a minor flash I had made in 2011 and decided to bring back up since it was just rotting there. Heck, I had nothing else to do except lounge in the NG Chat, which was, needless to say, not very productive, but then again spending time on this wasn't exactly a good way to spend time :p

Okay, so the story goes: Canned and Crouton of the Soup Squad are having a contest to see who can chomp the chilies faster than the other. Don't ask me how it got started because I don't know, okay?

So it's essentially a one-button game: You press the big orange button in the middle. There'll be a countdown that says "Ready...Set...Go!" Heck, if you're impatient like me, then just skip it and click. We don't care if you cheat. Just don't press the TAB button, or else you'll just end up going to the main menu.

The audio used in this was of ID 482906 or something. Look at the audio credits on the left or bottom for the actual ID, though. Sound effects courtesy of the internet, I think either soundjay.com or something. I don't know, actually, since it's been so long >.<

Oh, and by the way, there are medals added. It's rather easy but not suitable for you if you're an impatient fellow. Try to get them all, and most importantly, enjoy this rather small, pathetic (depending on your point of view) game! :p


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Wtf is it?
And why they eat so... slow?

the canned medal win dont work

ok. this game is the most beautiful, addiciting miracle i've ever seen by far :)

Simple game, easy medals i tried unlocking others by pressing other keys i only got the tab one so i don't know why i can't obtain others but still not too bad.

While there seemed to be a good starting concept to this game it kind of falls flat with just pressing a button to make your soup character eat. I noticed when pressing the button it would speed them up to a certain pace and no matter how fast I pressed the orange button they didn't get incredibly fast. Their plate just emptied a little quicker.

The graphics were nice for this one although no backgrounds makes it boring. There were two tables, plates, and characters but no background to show where they were eating at. Putting in some of the other soups in the background cheering for how fast you made the one soup eat could have been nice too for graphics.

Game play was simple yet felt like it takes awhile since you still have to sit there and press the button so much to keep ahead of the other soup.

The music used seem rather fitting although for eating I think a slower tune could have maybe been used to set with the mood and atmosphere of the game which is eating chilies which I would imagine could take awhile if one is not used to eating hot food or really enjoys chilies.

The medals were fun and easy to get. Very nice how you even hint how to get the first secret medal by using the tab button.

Overall, good concept but sadly falls to just being boring with pressing a button and in need of a better background. Have fun with future games.