Troops Tower Defense 2

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Win the battle against their enemies, go up a level and buy the best weapons.

When you level up weapons and benefits are being unlocked. By clicking on the floor or on the road can be purchased bombs or towers. Use the shortcut keys in the most complicated stages. The key 1 and 2 change speed of the game.

Shortcuts Keys:

Z - Buy Tower/Mine
X - Left Upgrade/Dynamite
C - Right Upgrade/A-Bomb

M - Music On/Off
S - Sound On/Off


needs a mode of how to play it i mean how do you play that. you now what its boreing any way

i freaking hate ads

You think im going to wait for an ad after every stage. Blam this peice of crap!

It was kind of fun, at first. But the constant ads and ramping up difficulty tends to drain the fun out of it.

Game was okay. Although it seemed kinda clunky and a bit unbalanced. I just barely beat the first level without letting any enemies slip past despite the fact I was really on the ball for it. The part that completely ruins the game though is the ads between every single level. It's fine to have one at the beginning, and maybe if it's an exceptional game the occasional random ad but not between every single level. Especially on one like this.

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2.73 / 5.00

May 8, 2012
7:45 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense