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PpG Eternal Darkness

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This is just what I think it would be like if Blossom were in a game like Eternal Darkness. (The sound clip of her was from the episode "Slave the Day", by the way.) There are three possible "insanity effects", and one is chosen randomly each time you view, so watch it a few extra times. This is my first submission to Newgrounds, so go easy on me ^^;

(Powerpuff Girls copyright Cartoon Network...Eternal Darkness copyright Nintendo...don't sue, it's just a homage!)


Dude, if you ever redo this movie - and you SHOULD

... you should have more insanity effects, and possibly toss in the sisters as well. For once, I'd love to see something REALLY creep Buttercup out. (Like her head falling off and the disembodied head saying demonic shit and stuff) I doubt it'd take much to make Bubbles wet her pants, though... SHOOT FOR THE FUCKING TOP!

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twas maddo, really good.


that was really good. Those were alot like the game's insanity effects. The pop-up one was funny! and the mirror was alot like the bathtub scene. good work. ED rules!!!

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I absolutely LOVED eternal darkness, and this movie is very much like the game's insanity effects. The popup one got a laugh out of me, and the mirror one....reminded me of the bathtub in Eternal Darkness. That and The Shining gives all of us good reason to fear bathtubs and washrooms in general. Great job!

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Creepy! and interesting!

Hey parsec. i read alot of your ppg fanfictions and my favorite of them all is the immortality symdrome series! and this movie, when i saw blossom seeing herself hurt and all, the violence instantly brings back thoughts and memories from reading that fic of yours!! whatever it is, great movie and keep writing too!!! i also write fics of the ppg on fanfiction.net. check them out, their under the username jamest36

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2002
3:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody