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This is just what I think it would be like if Blossom were in a game like Eternal Darkness. (The sound clip of her was from the episode "Slave the Day", by the way.) There are three possible "insanity effects", and one is chosen randomly each time you view, so watch it a few extra times. This is my first submission to Newgrounds, so go easy on me ^^;

(Powerpuff Girls copyright Cartoon Network...Eternal Darkness copyright Nintendo...don't sue, it's just a homage!)


Cool sweeeet movie all 10s

Aw man this movie ROCKS dude, I've never even heard of Eternal Darkness and I still say this movie is the greatest. I still don't get the ending where the pop up ad appears, I mean when you click on it it acts like a bomb exploded. Anway I have two ideas on how you can make this movie better, A TON MORE INSANITY ENDINGS, and if you really want to make this thing good you should be able to choose whether it happens to Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup but it's still a cool movie all 10's.

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No wonder it was so small.....

That was good but you could of at least made it longer!


man that would scare the shit outa me first i look at a meere im ok next meere im all dead looking my bones are shoing man that would omg stfmfsom damn

Smack in the middle

neither here nor there, middle


I loved it! Just need other insanity effects scenes like Sinking into the floor, banging at the door, pictures of Blossom in a bath of blood
and stuff...hehe, keep on the darkness!

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2002
3:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody