Shadow of the Animators

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DISCLAIMER: At one point in this short I make a little joke about Machinima, I want to make it clear that, I have no problems with Machinima, I'm a Machinima director. I'm not the greatest animator in the world, but my opinion of SOME of the other Machinima animators is quite low, in fact because of how bad their animations are it INSPIRED me to animate, because if they can do it, anyone can.

Anyway, this is just a little animation about me making more animations. So every cartoon I make is essentially part of a series about me becoming a better animator, and potentially befriending other great animators! This was also a little tribute to every animator mentioned in the video, cause you know, I'm "fighting the best to become the best" sort of deal.

And the song at the end is "The Sunlit Earth," from Shadow of the Colossus.

EDIT: Sometimes when the video loads it might zoom in, just right click and "show all." I have no idea why it's doing this now.


I know that feel bro.

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I've been watching a couple of your animations, and to be honest, I think your pretty damn good.
I'm an animator also, though not a Flash animator, I lean towards traditional hand drawn animating, though I'm not that good at it.
So I completely understand this video in that you want to "beat the best to become the best", and Shadow of the Colossus is not only a great game (one of my favourites Evar!) but it's so suited to the idea of this animation! :
That you set out with nothing but your pen, and you hope to take on these majestic, colossal Behemoths to become a greater one yourself.
Well, I hope that you succeed in this. you seem to have the humour down, which is the main selling points in all these popular animators, your animation is pretty good already, and your aspirations are nice and high too. So good luck!

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TerminalMontage responds:

Hah thanks! For the longest time I just hated how Flash animations look, and I wanted to do traditional hand stuff, but I decided to give it a go and it's something I really enjoy doing now. Thanks again :]

I enjoyed this cartoon although it is not as strong as your other ones.
SN: I think MindChamber just ripped you a new one.

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TerminalMontage responds:

Hah thanks, yeah he speaks truly for the most part, I tried to clear some things up though.

You are an elite man!

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TerminalMontage responds:

Oh you!

Its a fun little cop out isnt it?
Insult parodies and the animators that gain popularity off of them, while making sure your animations have enough of the elements theirs have to get the attention you so righteously claim they don't deserve.
You say you're inspired by the terrible animators on Machinima, but the avatars you show are of animators with some of the most impressive and fluid animations around.(well minus pebbles) They are all pretty incredible animators. Are these the terrible animators you are referring to? if not why didn't you use their avatars?

as for the animation itself, its terribly long winded, and stiff, I was very close to turning it off, points for nice character design and colors though. Add some more tradiontal frame by frame work, and you just might get that partnership you are fretting over. As it stands your parodies are just really not funny, so maybe some FBF will wow the simple minded users you so hate and vie attention from.

I think what annoys me more than anything is the Disclaimer, if you feel all these guys are copouts,sellouts, then just say so, without a "Juuust kidding, hehe."

Lol Passive aggressive people are such pussies.

oh yeah if you gonna stick ads on your bad parodies, stop using copyrighted music.

TerminalMontage responds:

Well all the other animators that were in the sanctuary thing were other animators I would've had to defeat not because they suck, but because they're good animators and I'd be fighting good animators to become "the best," and I have to fight Machinima animators first because they are the least of the lot, I thought I'd collectively put people who animate for Machinima together as one, as I did want to poke at their animations but not single out certain people, because not all of them are bad, and some of the ones that I think are bad are still liked by many people, I've only made 6 animations so far and I really don't think I'm one to talk about how bad I think they are when I myself still have a lot to improve on. So I didn't want to be a complete dick for no real reason, if they were jerks then I would've been towards them.

And I don't think they're sellouts, because I put stuff on Machinima too, I just don't like how they animate, I think it looks bad. Hope that kinda clears some things up ^_^; And I agree, it was very long, most of my stuff is a minute or less, but I did what I could to replicate the real intro to Shadow of the Colossus, which was.. Long.

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May 7, 2012
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