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Dating Simulator


Regardless of this being a dating Simulator, though not one of a fan for meet and fuck games...
This one personally though a different taste to relationship means, is an extreme upset...

The game lacks compassion, it seems rushed, plus a statement of compliments?

"Okay, what ever." Girl: Yay.

Well, I guess every one has a taste of personality and I can't judge a game for what you could say and what was meant to be clicked on though I will be honest.... it was horrible.

The "neck message." Only 5 places you were able to click on and all 5 were Ouch... Ouch... Ouch...

This is by far the worst games I have played so far, out of the 5 that I can remember.

Though it was rather nice and could use a lot more work... I suggest playing the game your self then considering if it has the ability to be placed on newgrounds. Home of flash creations but I will say this... If you have nerves of steel and balls of iron, looking for critic opinions on what you could do better. This is the place for you. Keep up and at it.

im sorry but that was ummmm okay? Your drawings and art was ok but there was no interaction... i was hoping for something like a Meet n Fuck but it... wasnt.... ok thats 1.5 from me

I honestly think this is crap. I'm sorry if you tried, you need to work on basically everything. The music isn't terrible, but it could be improved. The graphics need to be vastly upgraded. dialogue kinda sucked. there should be more to it than just that one girl also. And your art kinda sucks too. I really don't want to be mean, but this is probably one of the 5 worst games i've played in the last five years. Try again

Good for a starting game maker.

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I gave you 1 star for the drawings and art. I thought this would be a Meet and Fuck copy, but little did I know it was a makeout thing. Next time though put work into and make it longer than a minute.

Please try to make actual games.

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1.77 / 5.00

May 7, 2012
6:35 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating