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A State of Mind

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My final animation for my experimental animation class. I used both flash and after effects. Unfortunately, I was a bit limited on time while making it, but it is here! "A State of Mind"! I know, maybe a bit clichÃf© but I think I am satisfied with the final result. For better quality, check it out on youtube. (I had to lower the quality a bit to get it up on newgrounds)

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Remembers me of the cut-scenes of those old games like Lands of Lore...

well, i can say that i haven't seen anything like this on the portal.
i think that you did great considering you had a lack of resources.
i know you said you were pressed for time, but i believe that if you ever do something like this again,
use something like reverse-reverb on the voices.
everybody has their own definition of art.

artsykey responds:

reverse-reverb :) I'll have to remember that!

I like how you used a clipping of yourself for your flash. That was a major turn on for this video, I though it looked interesting since I saw the cover piece on the portal page, and I figured I would just give it a shot. Wonderful job I must say, and if you happened to use something like xbox kinect, I can understand why your image wasn't like perfect, I've used one a handful of times, and the coordination is not exactly the best, hopefully it gets better though! wonderful job! hope to see more of your works around!

artsykey responds:

The girl is actually my wonderful friend Malory :) I wanted to be in control of all the aspects of the animation including filming and directing her. And she has such beautiful hair! It was fun to see how her hair interacted with her movements.

before i say anything else this would have been better if it where done with a green screen (if you used one it could have had better lighting). that aside i loved this. the music fit the actions and this was very well done.

artsykey responds:

Keen eye. it was a green brick wall in my dorm. Unfortunately, as a freshman, I am working with limited resourses, (such as not being allowed in or near the green room). I am glad that you enjoyed the video despite its flaws (they bug me too).

It is good to see some decent art over here animation lagged my low end pc a little at the start but i think it is because of my laptop other than that great animation nice little story and a good example how a short story needs to be done : Good reason good execusion nice and artsy touch at the end. Keep that up. Also nice on the formula i say. it would be nice to use same concept for your next few projects untill it gets old. Keep it up

artsykey responds:

Thanks! i was a bit afraid that my "formula" as you call it was already getting old. Maybe you can warn me when it does...