take care of the trees

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A Blocked Path 5 Points

Talk to your brother.

Home Sweet Home 5 Points

Try to enter the house.

It's Dangerous to go Alone 5 Points

Get the axe.

Pull it! 5 Points

Pull the switch.

Shameless Self Promotion 5 Points

Visit my world wide website.

Side Effects Include.. 5 Points

Talk to the suspicious caravan.

Fire and Brimstone 10 Points

Burn down all the houses.

Mr. Literal 25 Points

Cut down all of the trees.

You Win..? 25 Points

That was a weird game.

Author Comments

Hey guys! This an experimental game I made. I'm not too sure how to describe it. I hope you enjoy it, though!

Controls: Arrow Keys.


This game could've been allot more fun if there was some replayability with different endings and lots of secret, now the game is just too short and linear. Theres allot of potential, like secrets in the trees, getting through the town while dodging all the people and houses, outrun your borther in the cave.

Right now you can do stuff like run to the caravan/town without even talking to your brother. Running back to your brother while covered in blood and wielding a sword. Stuff like that which wont make sense to the story.

Liked it. But it should've been longer.
It's hard to invest in something that takes 2 minutes to beat.

This isn't much of a game. The story is confusing and doesn't make any sense. You even managed to mess up the controls because you can't hold a direction while walking. No idea why stuff like this gets featured on the frontpage.

The art was fine but the animation needs a lot of work bro. The story has potential. It's really a promising concept. I'm looking forward to it!

It's almost like you went out of your way make a terrible game, but still included awesome effects to help immerse the player into the world.

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

May 6, 2012
7:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Other