take care of the trees

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A Blocked Path 5 Points

Talk to your brother.

Home Sweet Home 5 Points

Try to enter the house.

It's Dangerous to go Alone 5 Points

Get the axe.

Pull it! 5 Points

Pull the switch.

Shameless Self Promotion 5 Points

Visit my world wide website.

Side Effects Include.. 5 Points

Talk to the suspicious caravan.

Fire and Brimstone 10 Points

Burn down all the houses.

Mr. Literal 25 Points

Cut down all of the trees.

You Win..? 25 Points

That was a weird game.

Author Comments

Hey guys! This an experimental game I made. I'm not too sure how to describe it. I hope you enjoy it, though!

Controls: Arrow Keys.


creepy.....but kool!!!

Am I just stating the obvious or did noone think of the man who was selling the medicine? Your brother bought it and it must've caused the "visual and auditory side effects" the man was talking about.
That should've been a side note I suppose, but I just feel this game is telling a story which passes me by completely. People in the reviews are talking about having profit from going out into the world, that being what your brother does, however...I wouldn't say he made any profit in any sense at all. He just murdered a village of people without even having an end to do so for, so to be honest I find that an invalid statement. So I wonder to myself what the game IS about in my vision, is it simply the true insanity of the human species? I might be speaking out of discontent with humanity, but that's the best I can come up with.
On visual and sound-related things:
I honestly don't have a clue why you'd want to criticise the audio quality, which in my experience was brilliant. Visually, I'm starting to get a bit tired of people using pixels by now, and as nice as it looks (Which it kind of does, since it has a peaceful air to it, which I should think is what you wanted to achieve) it's starting to just become an easy way out. I'd much prefer to have had something ACTUALLY original when it comes to the visual style, because it just feels "generic" and somewhat lazy, although I really hope you don't take any offense to that.
So that's my 2 cents I suppose, for all it's worth. Which is probably 2 cents.

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The character moved all janky, pressing the any two keys rapidly would make him skip squares, and that was a bit jarring to get use to. The cave section at the end felt like you badly trying to extend the game past it's logical stopping point. The brother should have just entered the cave after you. And speaking of which, how did you not see him pass you on the way to town? Playing as the (I assume) older brother should have reveled an alternate pathway into the cave that becomes blocked off forcing the (I assume) younger brother to grab the ax and so forth. That would have been a better extension of gameplay instead of the cave.

Other than that, I thought the voice acting was superb, and I wish there was more of it. It actually puzzles me that you didn't just record everything. It's not like there was a ton of dialog in this thing.

The music was also really great. The strings in the beginning to the ominous tone at the end gave this game soul.

This game, so many different things that speak to me when played. The game itself tells us that while the main character is given the task to "To Take Care of Trees" which is a rather boring task for we all know, his brother embarks himself to go into town to get his "axe".

To take care of trees makes us learn patience and care. While the main characters brother embarks on the path of destruction to destroy the trees to reach his main objective. To me, I see two split personalities within human kind. Their are some of us that prefer to be peaceful and free-minded to obtain our goals. While their are some of us that rather use force or violence to obtain the desired objective.

This game overall just displays what kind of beings we really are. In the end, everyone is just DIFFERENT. Which is what makes humanity a beautiful thing and a dangerous thing.

The art, simplicity and the music of this game really made me loved it. I just wished their was so much more. I felt like towards the end when you kill everyone and everything else, you were now going to explore as to why your brother did it. Though technically "he heard music" which maybe cleared to the fact that it told him to do it or drove him too? I don't know, but my god this game is just making me think alot. Loved it!

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Needs more animations, more/better sound effects, and maybe possibly more explanations as to what's going on. Even for an experimental game, I felt this could have been so much more.

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3.80 / 5.00

May 6, 2012
7:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Other