take care of the trees

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A Blocked Path 5 Points

Talk to your brother.

Home Sweet Home 5 Points

Try to enter the house.

It's Dangerous to go Alone 5 Points

Get the axe.

Pull it! 5 Points

Pull the switch.

Shameless Self Promotion 5 Points

Visit my world wide website.

Side Effects Include.. 5 Points

Talk to the suspicious caravan.

Fire and Brimstone 10 Points

Burn down all the houses.

Mr. Literal 25 Points

Cut down all of the trees.

You Win..? 25 Points

That was a weird game.

Author Comments

Hey guys! This an experimental game I made. I'm not too sure how to describe it. I hope you enjoy it, though!

Controls: Arrow Keys.


This is more like a movie than a game, and a bad movie actually. I mean... the story makes no sense at all and although it's so short the plot is full of holes.
Gameplay and controls are lousy, soundtrack is off most of the time and you can avoid talking with your bro and the drug dealer thus making the game even pointless. When you control the killer instead, you can come back to your bro, something that hasn't happened.

You can unlock all medals simply doing necessary things, except for the tree killer one.

Seriously, this is not experimentation: it's laziness, if anything.

I give it one because the graphics are ok and there's a small bit of good voice acting, but that's all.

MOST EPIC FAIL EVER. Ok some parts are ok but.... the game starts telling you "Use the arrow keys to move and interact with this peaceful world" I didn't pay much attention ok.... then I get the Axe and chop down trees like a maniac when game is named "take care of the trees" O.o, then I see the town burned and on my way there, "my brother" must been on the way back..... so why didn't I met him? and why "my brother" killed everyone and burned houses ahead of me so HOW DID HE CAME SECOND TO THE CAVE? This game is a fail =_= good potential but psycho plot

It was ok.
If there is one main piece of advice I have, its this;
Start replying to your reviews. Give answers, talk to us.
As for the game, it had potential.

One of the main problems was your physics code, the character appeared to gain momentum while walking; this is good. But that should be reduced to zero when turning. It wasnt. So if i run straight in one direction then suddenly hit a side arrow, he will flicker a shit load of squares sideways. This doesnt happen EVERYTIME, just sometimes.
Also, you dont even have to talk to your brother, you can just go to town, and everyone is dead anyway. Thats kind of stupid.

The idea here was pretty good, but seemed ridiculous without any supporting story.
If there was one improvement to be made, i would suggest an 'action' button instead of just running into things, it makes control a little touchy, especially with the weird and jerky movement.

Beyond that, this game lacks everything in story, there is the backbone for a whole concept but it wasn't fleshed out at all. As others have pointed out, the man selling medicine isnt even THERE when your brother goes past. So that doesnt make any sense at all. While it was a great experiment, the odd ends should have tied together a bit more. A brother, a cave, a caravan selling medicine, and house, an axe, a random switch that has no significance at all, allusions to a showdown with your brother, and, APPARENTLY, trees.
Trees? They didnt seem to serve any purpose.

I can't decide if this is art in its own right; I could certainly find metaphors and strange meanings behind what youv made, much as you might study a book and interpret the authors message.
But it just seems like it had so much potential, that it should be a game.

If theres one thing you got right, its the atmosphere. The music, the art, the atmosphere itself.
It was set up perfectly.
Why did you leave it like this? Why not flesh out the concept properly???

3 stars, for the ideas here, the ground work you laid out for something amazing.

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i've got ALL TEH MEDALZ !


What was it that made my character's brother go all psychopathic and evil? *Gasp!* Could it have been the medicine from the suspicious caravan? Then again, I did not see caravan within my character's brother's path. Maybe he was a psychopath all along who just wanted to hears the screams of a entire town in unison because he finds them melodious. Also, did my character and his brother ever have a showdown? And what exactly did the trees have to do with this strange tale?

Other than that, you've good pixel art. That music during rampage in the climax kinda unnerved me.
However, you should work on a walking animation for the main character if you know what I mean.

Good luck on your next entry.

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3.80 / 5.00

May 6, 2012
7:08 PM EDT
Adventure - Other