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Under New Management

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http://www.youtube.com/ka waiipiranha

Hey everyone c:

I made this in a few days. It's nothing special.
Very short, but a lot of work went into it.
It was kind of a test. I wanted to try using a few more frames between movement, and a bit less blur.

I don't hate Banjo-Kazooie Nuts And Bolts.
But It just is nowhere near as good as the other two.


well this made me laugh so the execution works! XD Character designs were pleasing altho i feel like theres a lot of room for improvment in the art and animation

Oh, KawaiiPirahna. I used to think you were one of the underrated kids with potential. But then your animations go down the hard road because you got the popularity.

Your animation needs loads of work. Your proportions are very too... I don't even know the word to describe them. The characters appear to grow bigger as the flash goes along. The movements are pretty poor as well. It's like you can't even handle the animation style you're trying to achieve.

The content, well, kinda fell flat. It was pretty predictable to begin with, and I think I only chuckled at "vehicle based platforming". But the drugs part absolutely destroyed the movie.

Please go back to not sucking as much :'[

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its got that edd ed n eddy feel to it with the back and forth movement amongst the frames. Uh dunno I understand the joke but just felt like it seemed slightly too short for being a decent animation.

Once again you have outdone yourself, i like how the plot and jokes flow seamlessly together, also your animation style is awesome, especially the faces. I guess the only constructive criticism I can give is I still haven't seen the return of the green guy from "Amnesia: The Dick Decent", also to be careful not to drop your standards, maybe also you could be a little more famous, you should animate for the bbc or something like eddy did.

haha last part was fun:P its a good short

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4.04 / 5.00

May 6, 2012
5:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original