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saian vs saian prolouge

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im just a begginer please tell me what i did wronge


first of all its too short second make animation faster. Put some effort to it!!!!

rovertdoow responds:

i told you im a begginer

Try using real voices, as in record them.

rovertdoow responds:


First off you spelled saiyan wrong. And second you need to watch tutorials on youtube cause there is to much wrong here for me to explain. Oh and maybe get flash

rovertdoow responds:

cant find a good tutorial and i used flash to make this

The first thing you did wrong is believe that off the bat; You did something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and personally I don't think anyone should be ridiculed harshly over them, atleast on creative pieces like Flash Animations.

Don't live life that way.

Secondly although it takes balls to make your own loader on your first submitted flash animation I highly recommend you use one of newgrounds prefabricated loaders. They are very useful. ( I'm not sure if that really is a loader or just a looped movie clip for a certain amount of time, as it has no button to press. )

Just go to Newgrounds.com/downloads and on the left hand side you will see Flash Loaders as a category. Download one from there and put it into the first frame of your animation.

This will pause the animation while the movie loads ( I highly recommend putting the ACTUAL animation on the Second keyframe so it doesn't show while the movie is loading. ) and allow the viewer to play the animation when they want rather than simply begin. I'm pretty sure this will also stop the animation from repeating so the music doesn't play infinitely once it ends.

On a third note you should probably compress your audio. 1.4 Megabytes is a ridiculous file size for an animation that's barely 20 seconds long just right click on the audio file in your library and go to properties, then change the Sample rate to something much lower and hit okay. This should dramatically reduce file-size.

As for the content of the animation itself outside of the technical side, considering your experience it's nothing to be ashamed of. Spell-check your words and always always ALWAYS watch your animation before you submit it! Do you like it? Is it something you can submit and honestly say you're happy with?

At the beginner level make sure you don't set your own standards to high, be sure to submit work when it's finished for critique. It would be a shame if someone like me wasn't able to help you on your Flash Journey, though simply make sure you put the amount of effort you feel the animation needs before submitting.

A Stick fight is inevitably going to happen next episode; Though with your experience level that again, is nothing to be ashamed of. I would leave any sort of writing straight out and just focus on the animation itself

Try to make it as epic and badass as you possibly can I really want to see Reverse Goku annihlate someone or something just go crazy with your animation throw in as many things as you could. The more and more you add it the more you'll get into a creative nirvana. Be sure to watch alot more DBZ for inspiration for the next episode it'll really get you in the mood to make moves, but above all else when doing this work.

I just want you to have fun. No seriously, just have fun making it, it doesn't need to have a plot, it doesn't need to have structure: Just do what you think is cool and enjoy it.

Thanks again. I'll be watching for more and don't be afraid to submit. Newgrounds is alot nicer than it seems.

rovertdoow responds:

thanks for the DETAILED ways to improve

Ummm what, I don't get it. Didn't seem to have much of a plot, no offense, but it's very trashy.

rovertdoow responds:

hey its my first time !

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May 6, 2012
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