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This movie was just something I made for YouTube.
Exactly that happened to me while I was taking to a friend at school.
We were talking about Minecraft then this little kid showed up and just asked that: "Minecraft?"
We two found that so funny, that I decided to make a video about it. I know it's not something awesome or something like that, but I and my friends really like it.
The situation is the best thing about it, not the "animation"
It's german, so here the text in english:

Dady: And how do you get them?
Steven: Well you set a normal mushroom on grass and then you use bonemeal on it.
Dady: And then I get a giant mushroom?
Steven: Jap.
Dady: And what can you do with it?
Steven: You can reduce it, then you get 1 - 2 per block.
Kid: Minecraft?
Steven+Dady: Ehm yeah.


this is a stupid video theres absoluetly no point to it 0/5 easy

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Hmm, nix besonderes. Trotzdem irgendwie lustig.
(Hmm, nothing special. Somehow funny anyway.)

If you are going to go to the effort to submit a flash movie game or video to Newgrounds you should first be aware of a few simple things.

I'm sure you know of this one; but generally Newgrounds animations are meant to be in English as it is an American-based site. The Newgrounds populace is very diverse, though if you'd like exposure in the future I highly recommend going to extra lengths to translate. Though as it stands now in the animation I believe it's fine, considering you gave the text translation in the Artist's comments, and not to lay on hate (Or anything of that sort) going to all that effort to translate for such a short and minorly animated piece just isn't worth the time. It's why earlier I said in the future you should consider it. Atleast add sub-titles if you plan on more in the future.

There are several flash pre-loaders available for download through Newgrounds.

Simply go to newgrounds.com/downloads and on the left hand side will be Flash Loaders.

These will give your viewer the option to play the video once it's loaded, and provide a convenient link to the rest of Newgrounds at the same time. With a little action-script you can make the animation pause when it ends and return to the pre-loader. Allowing your viewer to replay it at their leisure rather than listen to a foreign (Atleast to me) language drone ad infinitum. I also had a problem with the movie beginning, without that pre-loader it was frozen and had I not known about right clicking and pressing play from the drop-down menu I would not have been able to watch.

Did you ever compress or optimize the lines within this animation? My personal computer can play the videos on the site with minor lag and they are several times the file size of this movie, yet it lags atrociously allowing me to only see very few frames a second ( I've watched it several times to get the full experience. ) You should learn about vector graphics and how they work. Without optimization even the simplest of animations can buckle over themselves with technical problems.

This may be exclusive to me, and as such it will not influence the score.

Now onto the subject matter of the animation it-self beyond the simple technical stand-points. I myself would've laughed as well had that situation occurred to me, though it shows in the animation that this was nowhere near intended to be a full-length piece. Instead it feels more like a tid-bit you'd see during a compilation of several small animations. That would be fine if it were the actual compilation though as it stands I cannot with pride in myself and honesty in my heart give this an exemplar rating. The effort put into it just isn't there, after all it is only a few seconds long and generally I expect something more substantial atleast a minimum of 20-30 seconds long. My standards do not represent the community so do not confuse them, but even such a simple moment like this can be made into a hillarious bit with a little more effort put into a script that eventually builds up to the punch-line of a child coming between two men in a normal conversation and yelling mine-craft. ( My mind jumps to that moment in spongebob where the fish yells CHOOOCOOLLAAAAAATTTTEEEEE, and that the child is some bizarro version of this they then decide to escape from. ) It's why I say this feels like a tidbit rather than a feature.

Though I appreciate you atleast showing your animation to us, I really truly do. Animators should feel welcome from the newgrounds community to present their work. There needs to be a certain level of even basic polish before it can be accomodated to the wide audience that is the Newgrounds Portal.

Thank you for animating.

Stay strong. I'd love to see more.

SLNotar responds:

Thanks for that. :)
Yeah, it doesn't really have a point but that's poorly all.
As you can read in the discription, that happened to me and a friend and I wanted to keep it that realistic as it was in school. Because of that it' not very long and shouldn't make a lot of sense. :D

But I really thank you for your comment. I read it more likely than all the others here on my "movie".

I DO not like this

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May 6, 2012
10:07 AM EDT
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