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Made for the Something Awful Bi-Weekly Game Jam, theme was 90's arcade games (though I strayed very far from that).

Guide 4 helicopters through a maze of colorful obstacles simultaneously and get high scores. The helis only collide with blocks of their own color, which I neglected to mention anywhere in the game itself.

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Weird controls.

The main problem with this game is the conspicuous absence of any sort of explanation of what you are supposed to do. While I found it relatively easy to figure out, that's not necessarily going to be the case for everyone.

While I realised it would be challenging when I noticed the QWOP reference in the title, there is a difference between challenging and ridiculously, unnecessarily difficult. This game is the total embodiment of the latter. It is nigh impossible to keep track of all four helicopters at once, let alone process which blocks you are supposed to be avoiding with each of them.

The problem with the excessive difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that you immediately fail as soon as you lose one helicopter. It would seem to make more sense to have multiple difficulty settings, and allow players to lose an according number of helicopters, docking points each time the player does so, according to the difficulty setting, for example, in easy the player may lose three helicopters, in medium the player may lose two, in hard the player may lose one, and in Insane/Qwop/[Insert insane difficulty name here] the player cannot lose any?

However, I like the refreshing and original take on an old concept, but this seems to have been the main aim of this game's creation, without much thought given to playability. It's not a bad game, and with some modifications it could be fantastic.

LIDgames responds:

Hey thanks for taking the time to write such an in-depth review, I appreciate that :)

To address some of the stuff you've mentioned: When I came up with the idea of doing something with the old Helicopter-style gameplay it seemed easy to throw it all together, but during development it quickly turned out to be a mess. I played around with a ton of different takes on the concept, like controlling them all with one button, or having them all go in different directions, or the game not ending until all 4 helis got destroyed, or (closer to your idea) having different difficulty settings for different amounts of helis to destroy, etc.

In the end what it comes down to is the fact that I made this for a jam, there was a deadline, and it had to get done. When I thought of QWOP and using that control scheme, the name popped up instantly and that sealed the deal.

So I kinda regret blowing the concept on a less-than-good game, it really could've benefited from thinking it through more. With that said, it's not a bad game for the effort and time it took to make, and it seems a worthwhile mechanic to revisit.

Cool .. its atractive

an interenstina and hard game hahaha
i lose 4 times in a row until i discover the letters "qwop"
nice work this game is well done

Pretty awesome! You should fix the glitch where you can go through rotating blocks, but apart from that, it's all good!

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3.30 / 5.00

May 5, 2012
11:07 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid