Boom Town

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Join the Gold Rush and get rich, by the careful (or some times indiscriminate) use of high explosives. Upgrade your rig, refinery and explosive power.

Choose your starting plot, buy explosives, liberate the gold and use the proceeds to build your town.

Perfect for casual, hardcore players and office workers. No time limits, no pressure, do everything at your own pace.

Can you build the ultimate Boom Town?


Use mouse to buy upgrades, explosives and build your town.

Use mouse to lay explosives.

WASD or Cursor Keys to scroll the map.

WASD or Cursor Keys to drive your truck and collect the gold ore.


Very fun and addicting game.


I actually found this to be pretty good once I was able to figure out how to play the game. I thought at first I wouldn't be able to understand, but I got it eventually. The graphics are fairly nice in this. There was this tavern I was supposed to build at first, but I didn't have enough money for it. I then realized I had to start blowing up the bombs in order to get gold. It's a pretty easygoing game overall.

The sounds and music weren't bad either. I think my favorite part was how smoothly the truck seemed to move. It's not that elaborate, but it doesn't really need to be. It's simply fun to see stuff blow up and then rebuild from what happened. It's fairly original.

Really addictive game, great for making time fly past.

Waaaay too long. It's actually a nice game, and the artwork is lovely, but once you've maxxed everything out it's just grinding. Also, the furthest plot from your drop off point may as well be on the moon as far as mining it is concerned.

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4.14 / 5.00

May 5, 2012
6:08 AM EDT
Strategy - Other