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Parallel Memories: Ep 1-1

rated 3.70 / 5 stars
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May 5, 2012 | 2:25 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Parallel Memories - Episode 1-1 "The Beginning"
Development duration: 1-2 years (1 1/2 years of slacking off)
Animation runtime: approx. 30 minutes
Source file: over 1 GB (Who cares? I do)
Amount of sprites/sound/music: Tilt
Number of crashes during production: 10^grapes

Short introduction summary:
A boy is captured by a group of scientists for their greatest experiment yet. A device to allow human beings the chance to experience something that many thought impossible which is the ability to jump into a video game or anime, to see and experience it all with their own two eyes.

Author's comment:
I finally managed to start my planned sprite series.
A lot of effort went into this one and a lot of stuff happened during development.
I'll keep it short, because you guys rarely read.
I started to plan the series right after "Sonic's World".
This flash corrupted so many times, that it made me nearly suicidal.
I had to come up with a storyline, that's interesting enough to get this going. But who cares about story in a freaking flash animation?

Final Words:
Even though I haven't been really active the past years, I still want to thank those people, who have supported me in any of my flashes. This is basically my thank you present.
...Getting this or anything to the frontpage is a pipe dream nevertheless.

Sorry for the wait, enjoy the show folks!
[Pkmn2]: Shut it! You wanna fight here too?! *twists arms*
[Both]: *Tackle each other and start fighting mindlessly*
[Pkmn2]: Enjoy the flick regardless insanity and sorry for keeping you guys waiting for an eternity~

YouTube Edition:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This animation has really good potential has diffirent type of games like Mario,pokemon,metal storm, kingdom hearts etc, has really good animation and different style to it and different angles to it story line looks good and Mario and Pikachu combine looks amazing. The only down side is the audio because i could bearly hear Marichu talk.The art style and sprites looks amazing and made well. The effect you gave it are amazing. The voice acting is good all but one character, and the fighting scene made me laugh has and got me pumped. But over all i give it a 4.5. Looking forward to the next episode because it im loving it.
P.S. the bird was a bit of an over kill dont you think so.

Pkmn2 responds:

Audio isn't really the problem. It's the poor voice acting.
Oh and overkill is an understatement in this case.
Thanks for the review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well I found this to be rather long. If I remember correctly this sprite video is now tied with that one bizarre stick flash for longest videos on Newgrounds. Congratulations on doing that!

The story seemed rather weird since it starts with that guy in a tube who makes me think of Ness a bit being experimented on to fuse Pokemon and humans together as one. It succeeds but blasts him far off into a galaxy light years away where video games and animes are real. Makes think very interesting.

Once arriving "Marichu" meets Mary and she asks him to go to a scrapyard where the script suddenly feels like it was tossed to the side since Marichu suddenly has a lot of power and just blows the planet in half which renders the series null until the one director comes in and chews you out for doing so.

I do have to agree with him though, I was enjoying the plot of the video until the junkyard battle took place. Hopefully part 2 will still have battles but they won't consume so much time and take away from the plot.

The music heard was incredibly nice and diverse. The voice acting was also good, although for Mary, I kind of picture her with a bit lower pitched voice for some reason.

Overall, very interesting and looking forward to what part 2 brings to the series.

Review Request Club

Pkmn2 responds:

I hope, I didn't overwelm you with the lengthiness of the episode. But it seems that you still liked it.
Great summary you wrote there, but the female character is called "May" and not "Mary".

Part 2 will mainly focus on the story, so there won't be any action scenes. I'll also try my best to keep it short and limit the runtime a bit.

Thanks for the well-written review, which was expected from the RRC crew.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good sprite animation and I like the ambience of the settings. Something I'm trying to work on myself. A few things I didn't like, the first you touched on yourself in that the last fight scene made no sense. Don't use up all your video game references at once (that being said, I don't think you need any SMBZ references). Do people watch for the story? Well I do and this left me a little empty. Okay, you've got a good start. Boy from real world sent to video game land. So is this series going to be like Captain N where he goes to different video games to help out? If so, keep throwing in custom characters, that'll make it more interesting.
I guess my last two things is that some of the scenes dragged on a bit to where I was saying "Okay I get it. Let's move on." And I would have liked some inkling to the series main conflict. Who's the villain going to be? What's the threat? You don't have to reveal it all at once, but maybe have had May make a comment or something. Like "Things aren't good. The world's aren't safe anymore. Etc." Okay, I'm done for now. Looking forward to more.

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Pkmn2 responds:

The thing is, I wanted to showcase my skills in animation and design. Hence why part 1 hasn't revealed a lot of the story yet.
Thank Ran-Cossack for stopping me from going over-the-top. I bet that the series would go totally out of control if he didn't bring back to sanity.

Don't worry. The development took me more than a year, so everything is more or less planned out.
Part 2 will go more into detail to the story.

I want to thank you for the constructive review and I hope, you will stay tuned for the conclusion of episode 1.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

hm well that was....different all though i do like idea and i am hooked now on the story i was not a fan of the big long and pointless fight scene however you are including a lot of my favourite animes and video game characters and you got Rina-Chan as a voice actress so I'll stick around and see where this goes good first episode let see some more................oh and like a previous comment you said Pikachu name wrong no big deal

Pkmn2 responds:

Wow, there are people who actually hate pointless fights? Now, that's a first.

Thank you for writing.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Wow, 30 minutes long? One of the longest flashes I've seen so far.

The story is a bit weird at times, but it's interesting to watch this flash nevertheless. The introduction might have been a bit long winded, though. Maybe it would've been better to cut out all the driving scenes, walking scenes, etc. Just a short intro, showing an experiement that goes wrong would've been enough.

My biggest issue with this flash is, that the voices are so quiet, compared to the background music. Most of the time, the voices are even more quiet than the music. This is really annoying. Also, the voice of Marichu isn't that great. I liked the second scientist (the one with the blue subtitles) better than Marichu's voice.

{ Review Request Club }

Pkmn2 responds:

Yep, it's one lengthy animation. The next part won't be that long though.
Thanks for the helpful review. I'll keep that in mind.

PS.: Every voice actor is better than Marichu. >_>