Fish Face Fred

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So while my pet project is still in the making, I had to make this little doodad for my final in Character Design Class at KCAI.

I had to interview someone outside of the class room and goad a small anecdote out of the interviewee that would (hopefully) shed some light on our humanity.
This is the story I got. A burnt out teen paying his newly acquired friend a visit. I've been working on this project for six weeks and I'm still not sure if there is some deeper meaning to be found.

Special thanks to Alex Regenold (aka NeroSkwid) for letting me animate his little story and using his beautiful voice, as well as illustrating the title card!
Pro Tip:
If you click on the vimeo link at the end of the animation you can check out the original animatic for Fred, as well as past assignments and pencil tests I've been working on!
By the by, I'm looking for actual critiques.
I'd like to keep making content for NG and for everyone to enjoy, and also better myself as an animator.
So if you like something, point it out and tell me why; If you dislike something, or something catches your eye, please let me know so i can fix it!

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I really enjoyed this. I've always loved animated interviews (e.g., Creature Comforts by Peter Lord and David Sproxton aka Aardman). You definitely have very good animation style, both exaggerated and non-exaggerated and both of them work well with each other to convey the emotion given. I notice a lot of animators use this as a gimmick to elicit a laugh, which is fine, but there is a fine line between comical emotion and blatant over-useage to the point where it becomes 'meh, seen it.'

Another nuance that I liked was the 'sniff'. Even though it was in the interview, you incorporated it perfectly and it added to the interviewers character wonderfully. It's these little things (e.g., the rapid eye movements of a character when they comes across something amazing.) that bring a sense of realism to the piece.

This was very well done and I really look forward to seeing more of your work in the future! Kudos and Thank you!

Wakman111 responds:

I just watched a bunch of Aardman's stuff. They are really ,really good! I don't know a lot of stop-mo or claymation animators so its really interesting to see different styles and techniques, and compare the film language between the two animation styles.
When comparing my interview to their interview animations, I wish I had incorporated more visuals and secondary animation into my piece. But I'm still learning, so thats all I can really take from it.

And Thank you. I still feel like my style is in some form of limbo. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but I'm not really sure where to push it or take it from here.
And yeah, the exaggerated face is a trope that ive noticed crop up a lot in the community.
I think its due to EgoRaptor's and Oney's influence. They are fantastic animators and they command a lot of power and respect amongst casual vistors, veterans, and animators alike.
But I digress, I'm glad you think I don't push or exaggerate it too far and that I have a nice balance between the two styles.

The sniffs and lip smacking and such are blessings in disguise really. I'm sure they would seem distracting or unwanted by a live action producer/director/sound engineer, But it definitely adds character and it would have been a shame to cut and edit them out. I can garnish a lot of timing and add interesting little animations to them to seem, as you said, realistic.
I seem to be getting a lot of comments on that from my peers as well, so I seemed to have handled it very well.

Thank you very much for taking the time to critique and review my animation!
I do plan on submitting more work in the future.


Wakman111 responds:

You better not be walking around with cheese on your stomach miss! haha

art , sound and comedy = great ! i'm calling HOMEPAGE on this one :) *favorited*

Wakman111 responds:

haha thanks! :D
/fingers crossed

wha? a drug? whas it crack or cocane?

Wakman111 responds:

I haven't a clue. NeroSkwid never ellaborated. :I

i really liked this, pleas do more

Wakman111 responds:

Thanks! I plan on doing a lot more! :D

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May 5, 2012
1:25 AM EDT
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