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Move around with the mouse to avoid things.
Point and click with the mouse to shoot things that are hard to avoid.

[shift] - Activates your boost ability.
[ctrl] - Activates your special ability.
[caps lock]/[escape] - Pauses the game.

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This game is fun

Nice game hope it does well.

good, but maybe a little repetitive.

i cant really give it a better rating than this i love everything about the game except for the moving issue... the robot follows the mouse to move and shoot i think it would be a lot more fluid if you used the wasd keys to move and the mouse to shoot other than that you have a wonderful game here but with the mouse moving and shooting just makes it too difficult to actually shoot everything and dodge outta the way and just another thing to add on here you could probably switch the boost and special abilities to the q and e keys to help with making it more fluid on the fingers i really look forward to seeing the movement issues fixed because it would be a shame to see a game with so much potential to get blammed away