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Play as an unnamed hero and save the world from the Spike King who rained spikes from the sky and crushed all the balls living in the land.

This game is an arcade-adventure mix where you dodge falling spikes, get money, upgrade your stats, collect fourteen different items, and travel through over ten different levels to reach your goal. After completing the main story, there are also extra gamemodes you can mix and combine for a whole new experience the next time you play. Additionally, there are achievements that you can earn, so push yourself to collect them all.

Not only is there a Story Mode, but there's also a Survival Mode in which you can test your skills by dodging spikes until you can no longer.
v1.2 - 5/512
- Decreased the difficulty of the boss stage
- Fixed Overdrive and Loads of Money Medals not unlocking

v1.1 - 5/4/12
- Fixed some Medals not unlocking
- Fixed Hard Mode having the wrong description text
- Fixed spikes sometimes not falling
- Fixed Scoreboard (hopefully)
- Fixed score not getting reset on a new game

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Nice game, though some medals are not working right

haven't played this game since it came out on may the fourth day last year 2012 and now i am playing it again 1 and a day later

loooved it ... i finished it in 1 hour ... awesome game. but the king was a little bit silly.

While I did have several incidents involving the Ground Spikes suddenly hitting me even though I was quite far away from them, I really like the game and it's challenge...

i liked the game, but this unfair glitch keeps happening with the ground spikes, which makes them teleport right underneath me while they're coming up. that is the only reason I didn't rate 5 stars.

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3.73 / 5.00

May 4, 2012
5:33 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid