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Healthy 5 Points

Complete a new stage without taking damage (must be past The City).

Loads Of Money 5 Points

Collect 30 Cash Drops

Sidestep 5 Points

Dodge 500 spikes.

Training 5 Points

Complete 5 stages that aren't new.

Winning 5 Points

Complete the game on Normal

All The Things 10 Points

Purchase every permanent item.

Can't Crush This 10 Points

Dodge 500 spikes in a row.

Elusionary 10 Points

Complete the game on Hard.

Evasive 10 Points

Dodge 1,500 spikes.

Elusive 25 Points

Dodge 4,000 spikes.

Extensive 25 Points

Complete the game with an Extension.

Overdrive 50 Points

Get all stat upgrades to 8.

Author Comments

Play as an unnamed hero and save the world from the Spike King who rained spikes from the sky and crushed all the balls living in the land.

This game is an arcade-adventure mix where you dodge falling spikes, get money, upgrade your stats, collect fourteen different items, and travel through over ten different levels to reach your goal. After completing the main story, there are also extra gamemodes you can mix and combine for a whole new experience the next time you play. Additionally, there are achievements that you can earn, so push yourself to collect them all.

Not only is there a Story Mode, but there's also a Survival Mode in which you can test your skills by dodging spikes until you can no longer.
v1.2 - 5/512
- Decreased the difficulty of the boss stage
- Fixed Overdrive and Loads of Money Medals not unlocking

v1.1 - 5/4/12
- Fixed some Medals not unlocking
- Fixed Hard Mode having the wrong description text
- Fixed spikes sometimes not falling
- Fixed Scoreboard (hopefully)
- Fixed score not getting reset on a new game


Why the hell those the ball have a mind of its own, I get stuck on the edge of the stage, seemingly the ball wants to be there, and I have to hit down or up to get her out, and the spikes are a hit or miss, if the matrix had physics like this, neo would be a swissy mofo, but like the gameplay, just not this one, Ill wait for the number 2

You force me to buy all the random shit that I don't need to pass levels, but you don't make me buy the flashlight for underground 2, where you definitely need it to pass? Then, naturally, I die, and accidentally hit "title screen", and lose all of my progress without so much as an "Are you sure?" Fuck.......that..........

noodleboy347 responds:

If you press Title Screen it doesn't erase your progress unless you press New Game... so just press Continue.

Fix the damn boss! Hes going off screen and I'm not sure I can hit him with the spike hat.

game works well some medals are still buggy like evasive ( elusive for funny fact works^^ ) game controls are nice update seems to work , everythink else looks fine .....a bit of a boring every day concept but maybe its just not my kind of stuff ...

The very last level is too hard as compared to the previous levels. I think one of the reasons for that is that you have all the stalactites of the same type and the speed at which they fall is too high; the part of the boss battle where they turn into the icicles / freeze stalactites is especially hard since if one hits you, you no longer have the necessary speed (even at max Speed level) to avoid the rest, resulting in a stunlock unless you're really lucky.

Also, at least some of the medals still aren't working (Evasive, Still Can't Crush This).

noodleboy347 responds:

Thank you, I will try to make the last level a bit easier.

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Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

May 4, 2012
5:33 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid