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Pharmacy, medicine, life, death, zombies, apples, high art, all in one continuous stream of thoughts. Apparently it is too wide for Newgrounds by 20 pixels. What time is it over there?


a lot of stuff happened... cool. ever seen that weird short film 'un chien andalou' ? this reminded me alot of that, lots of nonsensical things happening with no intended purpose or meaning. despite having no meaning or form, it was entertaining. all the doctor stuff creeped me out a bit, but overall not bad.

Well, this is something I would never expected to have come out of Newgrounds.
I can tell there's a lot of thought put into this, and don't get me wrong, I thought it was wonderful. But there are a few things that may need improvement:

~The animation was a bit rigid in places, mainly on the humans. That needs a bit of work.
~This might be going against your original vision, but a VERY slight use of colour in a few places might really make something like this a bit more interesting. Not tons of colour everywhere, just minimalistic uses here and there.

There was a lot I liked about this, though. The wine glass exploding? Awesome! That one shot with the fish-eye lens? Didn't know you could even do that in Flash! Those recreations of all those famous paintings? Pretty intriguing, and you captured the essence of them very well, making them fit in with the rest of the flash quite flawlessly.

So yeah, it's pretty damn good but it needs work. There's a lot of potential here.

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peef2 responds:

thanks for your response. i am always trying out new animation and trying to learn. hopefully my next one will be better

Hey alright.

I actually liked this, contray to most others it seems.

I think I got the message, or at least, made one up out of the images shown to me. Music was neat, adding a nice dramatic effect.

Obviously not intending to be the most graphically superior flash, I believe the charm lies in what you make of the plot.

Good work, I enjoyed it.

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Great animation and all, the artwork was well drawn / obviously you put tons of effort into it.

But i'm not one for "Subjective Meaning" since as an art form, i always felt it never could mean as much to the viewers as it did for the artist.

I don't know much about your work but I'm fairly certain most background art is clearly traced over and that is plain unacceptable under artistic terms. The animation quality was also significantly poor.

In other thoughts, it is intriguing the day-to-day mindsetting of med-students and patients alike, and the short film sort of represents those feelings through an artistic endeavor. I saw your blog you've advertised at the end and it is plain vital for understanding the movie, all in all it is pretty deep and I enjoyed it.

I'll advise you so you focus more on improving your art-style so your "everything" is slightly more clear and more pleasant to stare at. Greetings from Brazil.

peef2 responds:

thank you for your comment. i'm glad you enjoyed my blog; hopefully it allows you to understand more.

yes it is true, some of the background is traced, but i don't agree with your statement that this makes it any less of an "art". like one who is making a film movie, i must first do location scouting before i can start. due to funds and other practical factors, i am limited to the internet. even with limitations, the scenery was still carefully selected. in the case of a film, they are just photographing and "tracing" over reality and converting it into the medium they are presenting their work. for me, i am tracing over and reducing my selections down to 2 colors (or 1 color, depending on your definition of color), which i believe takes quite some effort, as you lose ability to contrast things through saturation, as well as hue. i hope you understand. it may not appeal to you and that is fine with me, but i don't think it is "unacceptable" for art. have you ever seen an andy warhol painting?

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May 4, 2012
10:39 AM EDT