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Pharmacy, medicine, life, death, zombies, apples, high art, all in one continuous stream of thoughts. Apparently it is too wide for Newgrounds by 20 pixels. What time is it over there?


it wasn' bad our time is opposit yours and the film wasnt bad but whith so much work and art in it why use stick figures don't get me rong i liked them to though.

i agree with @o0OInuyashaO0o completely

I really liked everything apart from the character design. The music was ominous but not over dramatic, it had class and gave the animation a sincere mood. You're art style is nice and i liked the black and white sketchy backgrounds with the red blood. Perhaps a few other splashes of color here and there would have been nice? The pacing was great and the cuts and imagery were really nice, some interesting references in there (i noticed shrodingers cat, the scream, c'est ne pas un pipe, van goghs starry night) and an unusual sense of purpose not normally found in such fast paced flashes. I really liked the imagery of the wine glass smashing and coming back together and the semi-plot of the mans visit to the doctor and struggle with his illness gave me a central thread to keep hold off throughout this surreal adventure. But i was really put off by the character design! The simplistic stick man style just looked really out of place and childish. Not that there's anything wrong with childishness it just didn't fit with the rest of the flash.
An interesting submission and a fun watch, good work!

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A clusterfuck of random scenes. Tries too hard to give the impression that it is relaying a message which obviously isn't there, with various flashing images and an eerie atmosphere. This will get a lot of the younger members of this site to think "Wow, this is DEEP!" but any person who has seen flash animations for a few years is going to call bullshit on this, as this has been done way too many times by now.
That aside, the animation was fantastic and it actually had me watching all the way through. Furthermore you did a fantastic job at setting the atmosphere using quite simple means. I am giving you a 3.5/5 for an animation that is close to perfection, but offers no real content of any kind.

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lol wut? I think I'm very confused...

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3.94 / 5.00

May 4, 2012
10:39 AM EDT