Little Bitty Heroes

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WASD or Arrows to move

J or CLICK to attack

N and M to change from range to melee weapon


Looked like it could've been cool, but it shit the bed on me mid training.

need to fix helmet glitch -> putting on a helmet decreases your health, no matter what. need better weapons too; as far as I've gotten, the mace is the best weapon... which is kind of lame...
also you need to add some kind of healing thing; health drops are WAY too rare, and enemy drops nukes WAY too often >:|

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fairly entertaining
however...if you switch back and forth between helms, you lose health fast!
got myself down to -120% before i decided it was a legit glitch.

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This game is almost perfect, I think it only needs a few things to make it truely great and fun.
1) The ability to keep your items after a level ends or you die
2) A mouse over on the weapons and armor that tell you their effect
3) A way to use your experience you gain either through buying power ups with it or unlocking skill points.

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Gameplay is too repetitive and non interesting enough (click to attack if you feel fancy click again for a combo sounds like witcher 1 but there combo was spectacular and you had to time to make a combo) premise is not lame bow cannot be aimed story is non existent (EXCUUUSEEEE me princes but when i have to kill X amount of Y i usually like to have good motivation besides to advance to next level btw premise really reminds me of Bunny flags 2 build buildings to help you against random spawn of enemies...

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3.11 / 5.00

May 4, 2012
9:39 AM EDT
Action - Other