Through the wars v2.0

May 3, 2012 –
July 2, 2012
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Select your character and fight your enemies in various levels to become the hero.


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This going to be impposible!!!Nice game and Very Usefull! i am so impressed..

It's hard to review a game that's fun to play but where all of the assets have blatantly been stolen.
I saw Sengoku 3 in there, Dynasty Warriors too.
On the other hand a lot of effort has been put into the making of this game- the coding is actually pretty good, it runs well at full screen with a ton of sprites. Special moves are limited but I could play this game for an hour or so.
It perplexes me; why spend that much time in beautifully crafting the engine only to steal the graphics from other games and lose all your street cred?
Maybe it's a Chinese thing. Anyway, I'd love to give you a 5 star rating but since you've plagarised other games for the sfx and graphics it's only going to be a 1 I'm afraid.

Reminds me of double dragon and fists of fury. Btw, what's with the warrior within music? :p

Pretty boring brawler. The thugs are all too underpowered and the bosses are just spammy. The graphics are nice, but since they're mostly stolen (didn't even change the names of Maki and Okuni...) I can't give it a good score.

If only you had led an honest life, criminal...

I just love it. The old school style and graphic are just like playing it at a arcade store.
Oooh there will be much time spent on this game :D

No instructions.

I really liked it and I really liked the other one I played. It reminded me of playing games as a kid (super cool). With all this being said, I do have some thoughts.

Zach's thoughts:
1.) Maybe you could set up the H key to do kick attacks/other melee attacks. That way we could get some cool combos coming in.
2.) The boss in that one level.. Ghost Soldier. He sucks. I had to knock him into the corner and keep super kicking him to keep him from going invulnerable. Haha.
3.) Need to play this again for like the next 3 hours.

Thanks for the game, man.

I'm very impressed. This gave me the nostalgia of my youth I spent playing games like Golden Axe, but with characters that are actually different.

It had the potential to be interesting, mainly because, unlike most beat-em-ups, the characters here are very distinctly different. Unfortunately, in this case that simply means they're very much unbalanced. Seriously, was Alfred playtested at all? Okuni is useless (which is sad, since she's got the coolest moveset) and A-Shi is strictly worse than Alfred, who beats everything by doing nothing but Charge -> Super -> Charge -> Super -> Charge -> Super all day.

This game is fudging awesome!!! It mainly reminds me of those japenese arcade games back in the days. Awesome games and good work!!! Hope you make a sequel! =D

Now For A Proper Review (As I pour out a Sobe for my fallen homies)

Disclaimer: I'm a BIG fan of Beat 'Em Up's so take this review with a grain of salt if the genre's not your thing fellow fans.

Graphics: 9/10---Well done backgrounds really sets the period and culture of medieval Japan. Enemies only have palette swapping differences up to the bosses and the characters themselves really shine. Speaking of...
Characters: 9.5/10---A couple of things I love. For one there's 3 women in the first 4 characters. Definitely unique among games of this and many other types. Those said women aren't scantily or objectively dressed either. The guy in this case looks like someone who'd fit in well with the cast of Final Fight. Speaking of...again?
Gameplay: 9.0/10---Took a point off not so much for things done wrong but for missed opportunities. Mainly in regard to weapons and the lack thereof. Kunai/shurikens would've been a great weapon to use (like 3-4 per pickup). But being points is fine too. I definitely like that the special is on a bar AND doesn't take away health to use. It does lead to being able to spam it but that's a nag from me. Love having a dash attack, jump kick is great too (holding button to knee would've been nice), throws implemented well, and enemy types are a balance of easy to beat but can also catch you by surprise if you don't keep your head in the game.
Overall: 4.5/5---It's a game that can be improved here and there but I could see it as a title for a handheld device like my Android. Make it so sir it is worthy.

A resonably solid game, though I'm not certain about the control scheme.

For zombies, it seems only the dogs do any damage. Oh, and it's too easy to just charge up chi, maybe you could make it so that if you take too long to defeat a zombie wave the next one will appear anyway?


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3.69 / 5.00