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Castle of the Insect King

rated 3.37 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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May 3, 2012 | 2:18 AM EDT

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Fear and Loathing 10 Points Hallucinate
Swampgas Shotgun 10 Points Acquire the Swampgas Shotgun
King of the Castle 25 Points Beat the game.
Astral Traveler Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

WASD- Move
Mouse/Arrow Keys - Shoot
E - Interact
Q - Switch Weapon
Space - Inventory
M - Mute

The Captain voyages to an alien swamp in search of another of Laserbeard's treasures. The treasure is hidden in the dungeon of an ancient castle. The castle once belonged to the The Insect King, a fearsome conqueror from ancient times. You must delve into the history of the castle and battle the insectoid population of the planet in order to recover the treasure.

An episode of the Tales of the Renegade Sector series. Find more episodes here: /games/

Portal owners can download a version to put on their site here: http://flashgamedistribut e-Insect-King



Rated 4 / 5 stars

A decent little game. I thought that the enemies, while quite easy, did wear you down after awhile. If you explored the wrong spot and it took *forever* to backtrack you also remembered how you had to kill 20 bugs. The way the weapons are set up allow for these easy enemies to still present a challenge as you don't want to always waste your ammo, and it takes forever to kill them with the shotgun. Good design there.

The levels look interesting; the biggest problem I'd agree are unintuitive controls for the menu, switching weapons and similar. Try to stick to standard practice such as:
-Use a mouse for menus. It's easy, I'm already using the mouse, it doesn't take thought
-Use numbers for weapons. Q wasn't terrible, except that it's unintuitive and people *including me* don't always ready control schemes. They get the jist of it and start going and then partway through gotta frantically figure it out.

The level design was good. You didn't *feel* forced to check everything out, you just sort of had to. I hated the spiky disks. There was one that becomes undodgeable from one of the directions, which was a bit annoying to me. The rest were put in good locations and just annoying because they worked lol.

IMO, it might make more sense to tell the player (through a note or something) "Hey try collecting some plant specimens and check 'em out!" I was collecting rocks (or so I thought), darts, and plants and expecting to use them later, only to find when I was almost done that the plants can heal you. Who knew? :p

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, I will say it's quite interesting, but it's a bit....Too short. I like the idea behind it, however. If the game was longer, I would surely love it more.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good classic game. Can't find the secret medal though. I know it's a hidden passage of sorts, but there is no marker so to speak. Irksome to spam hallucinate everyone looking for darn thing


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was short but sweet. The game had just enough depth for it's length. I did like how each "weapon" had it's strengths and weaknesses. I personally like throwing stingers back at enemies.

You also laid enough clues around that I was never completely lost or didn't know where to go. I especially like how pressure plates are visually linked to what they effect.

I didn't like the menu system or the controls that much. If you're going to require us to use a mouse, the menu should just let us use the mouse to use/select items and mouseover items to get a better descriptions. I see that you use the arrow keys to shoot in the four directions, and you probably wanted to get to that old classic Nintendo feel, but if you have a mouse that allows you to aim and look deeper into corners, then you should of scrapped it, IMO.

Even if I wanted to just play with the arrow keys, you should eliminate the target cursor when ever I use them. Always strafing is visually unappealing and when you try to punch, it's always in the direction of the cursor.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I couldn't find the objective, well more like I didn't know what the objective was... I just wandered around got the shotgun figured out that I might have to get into the big locked castle got the key then was lost and had no idea what the key went to. id suggest a objective page for those like me who forget what we are supposed to do.
rate 3.5
~shooting was sticky and once you got the shotgun there was no use for the pistol (it wasn't till after I got the shotgun that I realized I could break those boxes)
~too little to direct character (maybe make the robot say go find mark and have mark give directions to Saerl and have something tell me where I have to go with the key)
~ or just give us a map
~ music is annoying but that's the same for most 8-bit games and you did include a mute button
~ I liked the puzzle bits though there were too few of those

malec2b responds:

I wanted to avoid holding the players hand too much, and thus wanted them to feel motivated to explore and figure things out for themselves rather than telling them exactly where to go. Although, yeah, I'll try to think of a way to remind the player at least of the primary objective in general terms during the game for future episodes.